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Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 11:52
by XenoBlitz
So, while my car was lifted on all fours over the weekend, I noticed that my rear suspension "drops" more on the right side (by more than a little bit). After a (quick) investigation, I found the reason being the right side stabilizer rod being uncoupled.

Now my first thought was to have it fixed, but then.. it has probably been that way for a little over 200 km and I haven't noticed any issues while driving. So the next thought... why not remove it entirely on both sides? (It gives me just that extra little flex.

Has anyone else tried this? What is your experience?

(Yes I know my car is dirty but I drive dirt roads twice a day every day, so sue me.)
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Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 15:15
by davidvdm
Mmmm, not so sure that is all to do with the stabiliser bar. Stabiliser should be "binding" the left and right side with each other and once disconnected from one side, should allow both sides to articulate freely. Unless I don't understand the setup on the Patrol. My Safari front end goes "open" as soon as I release one side. But it does eventually start binding with the diff tube under big flex, but that could be the way I put it together that is causing this.

I suppose the fastest way to check, is to remove the other side and see what it does. That stabilser is there for high speed stability in corners to counter body roll. You mention you drive a lot of gravel road, and you may not notice much difference till you find yourself sideways with 3 tons of Patrol not doing what you would have liked. Best is to rather keep it all connected and just disconnect when you really need the articulation. Unless of course you need it daily.

Keep in mind that "softening up" either the rear end or front end, will affect understeer or oversteer :mytwocents:

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 16:25
by Kagiso II
mirrag Willem .. jong oompi issi slim met die goete nie maar armpie wat daar los is kan jy los of vas maak [in my kop is daai DIK yster wat so oorskuins loop die "stabiliser oftewel anti roll bar .. maar ik kan verkeerde wees]
Tinus se daai ystertjies is onnodig. Hy verkies die flex .. myne is op en die gebreekte een met een uit n Mrecedes vervang .. Want ek ry bikki hastagir as die meeste en hy hang bietjie erg oor op draaie as dit af is..
Gesls bikki mte OOM Tinus [hy is n oom nou sedert sy laaste verjaardag ] :oldtimer: :oldtimer: :oldtimer: :blonde:

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 17:52
by Peter Connan
My hele stabilizer le al vir 'n paar jaar in my garage.

Haal die ding af.

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 18:20
by Anthony Forgey
Front and rear sway bars removed months ago. drives fine. better flex. Just need to be aware that at highway speeds sudden corrections induce body roll.

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 05 Jun 2017 19:09
by SJC
Mine snapped on the right side, I then disconnected the left hand side.
Been driving without it for a while now. (also removed the front sway bar)...

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 07:32
by XenoBlitz
Thanks gentlemen. This is what I needed to hear.

My wife tells me I drive like a grandpa on tar, but a hooligan on gravel, so I suggest this is the way to go. :wink:

Re: Rear stabiliser rods

Posted: 06 Jun 2017 16:04
by Marino4x4
I disconnected the back one about a month ago on my vehicle, no problems.