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Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 23 Feb 2017 20:47
by Lyon
Good evening

I need some clear cut advice please. I have driven 4x4's previously but I know basically zero from a technical perspective.

I have bought a 2008 4.8 GRX, stock standard, as new, only 55000 k's on the clock, fully service and all fluids flushed, etc. Brand new Rhino Rims and all terrain tires.

Beautiful!! The Patrol drives like a dream.

I am going on a Dune Challenge in April. Nothing reckless but still a challenge.

My Question: Do I need to work on the suspension? Will the vehicle still have the same "soft" ride after a suspension lift ? LA Sports ask me R20 000 for such job, is that reasonable? any advice please?

Thank you


Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 05:46
by Peter Connan
Welcome, and congrats on a nice car.

You only need stronger springs if you expect to carry very heavy loads.

If this only happens occasionally, consider air helper springs, especially on the rear. These can level you when heavily loaded, but don't have much impact on the ride quality when empty.

Only if you carry heavy loads all the time (steel bumpers, fridge, drawer system, winch, double spare wheels etc) or do rock-crawling do you need stronger springs.

Having said this, a top-notch set of shocks might make a huge difference. But expect to pay more than the quoted figure above. I am talking about brands like Fox or Radflo.

Just one more thing: in sand, weight is the enemy. So, for this challenge, keep it light as possible.

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 06:52
by Lyon
Baie Dankie

I have the feeling when I stop outside an 4x4 accessory shop they just see dollar signs and will not advice to what is prudent.

The vehicle do have a rear system to lift the car (air pressure) for towing heavy freight, don't think it has been used ever, will investigate.

The last thing I want is a car that "bok-spring" on a stiff suspension.

Kind regards

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 06:53
by offroadbiker
Welcome :thumbup:

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 08:25
by Wilkie
Welkom Lyon en geniet daai monster :salute: :salute:

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 08:33
by ricster
The problem is that it doesn't end with the dunes..... The Patrol will eat up the sand like nobody's business. So soon you will be off on a different trail where standard suspension will get you through, but not without its scrapes.

The Patrol is a very long vehicle so your break over angle is not too good on standard suspension. I think generally speaking a 2" suspension lift is a pretty good average lift to put on a Patrol to make it pretty much unstoppable in almost all terrain conditions.

If your tyres are 33" all terrains then you already gain an extra 1" lift (ground to axle) due to the diameter of the tyre. OME or TJM and the likes are not cheap to fit due to our wonderful exchange rate, but the difference will be noticeable. Ride quality is something to be aware of. Upgrading the suspension with soft springs will need air lifters to help when loaded, where as harder springs when empty will definitively let you feel bumps in the road, so you have to decide and compromise where you want the vehicle to be at. I have medium coils in the back with air helpers and hard in the front, due to the extras on the front end of my Patrol. When loaded the Iron Maiden drives like a limo on all surfaces, when empty, its not as gliding smooth ( if that makes any sense )

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 10:24
by Tinus lotz
Dawid sells the dobinsons from Australia for 2200 per shock from standard to 3 inch lift same price

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 24 Feb 2017 17:44
by Kagiso II
For what it is worth - I believe that for the dunes your current suspension with only 55,000 km is PERFECT
You may want to cut the front bumper a bit higher .. BUT DON'T ADD WEIGHT for dune / sand driving
Rather look at decent TYRES [and believe you me .. MUDS are NOT the best for sand and dunes .. HT is even better than AT .. BUT HT tends to climb off the rim.
Obviously. the bigger the better -- 33" would still not hamper your torque too much with the 4,8 power

O ja,, en murrrse WELKOM hier

Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 25 Feb 2017 00:13
by Lyon
Dankie manne

It seems that the Patrolie Motor receives a lot of respect, for wherever I inquire if I need to change/add parts/accessories, etc. the answer is basically the same "it is perfect as it is".

Looking forward to the April "Battle of the Dunes", will bring pictures.

Advice in the mean time will be welcomed from you seasoned veterans!!! Must not make the Patrols good name "Gat" :redface:



Re: Suspension for Dune Challenge

Posted: 25 Feb 2017 06:10
by Peter Connan
Only two pieces of advice for sand:
1) Most important aspect is tire pressure. Don't be afraid to go down to 0.4 bar, but if you do, don't try to do donuts.
2) Use that magnificent engine's revs! Stick it in low range and get near the redline.

O, en geluk met jou verjaarsdag!