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Re: Suspension

Post by Marino4x4 » 05 Feb 2013 12:01

Hi Mark

I had Gabriel Safari's on my 4.5 1998 Patrol. They are not designed for the weight of a Patrol. I had to replace them after 5000km. Not worth trying them.

Koni is probably the best shocks you have on your list. I think they are also serviceable.

I am not too sure about the Monroe's. The Old Man Emu (OME) shock are made in the Monroe factory. Should be not too bad.

When lifting your car by 50 mm they actually replace the springs with longer ones. The shock is just longer to accommodate the longer travel that the car have. The shock does not lift the car.

I bought 4.8 springs on the forum from Izak. I then bought Billstein shock from the supplier in Bloem and let one of the off-road workshops put them in for me. The springs lifted my car probably about 50mm (unfortunately I did not measure the before and after). The current lift is passably the original height of the car. The springs I bought the car with was shot. The current setup made a huge difference!! Drives like a totally different car. Replacing the petrol pump also made a difference. Goes like a sports car now. :biggrin: :biggrin:

Koni is a more expensive than Billstein's when I did my research for shocks. I got very good service from them. Unfortunately going cheap on Patrol shock is penny wise and pond foolish according to me. You will replace the cheap shock with expensive ones after a while.

Here is the post of my shocks: ... ein#p30834

Hope this helps
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Re: Suspension

Post by Mark Greenhill » 06 Feb 2013 21:41

Thank you for the advise Marinus

I found this supplier, prices seem ok - not sure. ... Z454005138
Mark Greenhill

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Re: Suspension

Post by Jorrie » 06 Feb 2013 22:29

When I bought my Troll two years ago it came with Monroe shocks. Still have them and never had a problem.
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Re: Suspension

Post by Kagiso II » 06 Feb 2013 23:19

when I bought AGAROB he had OME heavy duty system on -- after time them OME shocks became gagga poo and sh

I installed XGS at Safari Centre -- and never looked back. On and off road [vra maar die ouens wat saam ons gery het by die Patrol 60 daar by 3 provinsies] :thumbup:
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Re: Suspension

Post by Unkredible » 10 May 2013 13:27

Have just replaced my Koni's with Bilsteins. Bilstein gave me great service - delivered them on time as agreed. The Koni's were great for the first few months, but the rears got worse and worse. I do a lot of fairly high speed dirt road driving and the Billsteins feel great. When I removed the Koni's the rear one were totally shot - no pressure in iether direction, , sounded like oil bubbling through. The fronts were still OK. I did about 250KM's on rough dirt roads this weekend and was amazed at the difference!
I noticed that the front Bump stops need to be replaced. Is this something that I can tackle myself?
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Re: Suspension

Post by Alex Roux » 10 May 2013 13:40

I put OME sport shocks on in March 2011.
I have made them work hard on all terrains and never a problem. Still performs as new.
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Re: Suspension

Post by Grant » 19 Aug 2013 13:21

Mark Greenhill wrote:Hi Guys

Sorry for sharing this post, but i was wondering if i could get some info.

Firstly, what is OME?
Secondly, I have a standard suspension on my 2001 Nissan Patrol 4500 GRX. I woudl like to in the future upgrade to a 50mm lift (Not sure if a 50mm lift shock can be fitted with standard springs), but due to money contraints currently and the need to change my shocks, I was wondering what standard shock brands you recommend?
1. Koni
2. Monroe
3. Gabriel
4. Other?

And as per above, which model?

Seen the following, not sure they are worth it or if there are better models?
1. Gabriel® Safari HDP™ Gas Shocks
2. Monroe Max-Air® Shock Absorbers: Air Adjustable Shocks
3. Koni Riad (Heavy Track)

Thank you

Hi Mark

Have you looked at TJM , OME, and Tough Dog.

TJM at LA Sport
OME at Mega world
TG @ opposite lock

Any reason why you have not looked at these. They are the top selling off road shocks and made for the beaten track.
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Re: Suspension

Post by JoshJ » 21 Jan 2015 11:37

I am planning on fitting a 2inch suspension lift kit on my Patrol soon. I phoned around today for some prices. Here is my findings just for interest sake. Keep in mind that these are 0kg - 200/300kg rated suspension kits and where the foamcell option was available. And fitment included.

Tough Dog R16500 (R1800 extra for caster correction kit, though they say its not needed)

EFS (Safari centre) R16503 - ( no caster kit )

Ironman R16000 (Foamcell) not fitted.

OME (Braynston) R22310 ( incl caster kit )

OME ( Voetspore ) R20761 (incl caster kit)
R1800 extra for a steering damper. They where also the only ones who could give me a quote on extended length air helpers for the rear R6400 (fitted)

I want the 2inch lift, with the 0-200/300kg rate because my car is mostly empty. Than the bladders for when I load. Whats your opinion on the caster kit as well as the steering damper. When I was loaded on the Namibia trip I had more wheels shake in front than normal. I recon its because the fronts weight was shifted because of the excessive rear weight.
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Re: Suspension

Post by Tinus lotz » 21 Jan 2015 13:32

Josh speak to angus he is very good and iam sure he can save you some money..... 072 833 5886
Tell him i send you he is a geat guy

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Re: Suspension

Post by ricster » 21 Jan 2015 13:39

Holy Craaaaaaaaaaap !!!! R 21 k for OME !!! the prices have gone ballistic !! I paid R12K 4 years ago for 4 coils and 4 shocks (OME) fitted @ Megaworld

On a 2" lift, caster correction is not needed, however.... the steering shake I believe comes from kingpin bearings and is exacerbated by the raising of the suspension, as one rarely hears of the "death wobble" on std suspension. So might be a good option to go for. Remember to lengthen the sway bar links by 2" too ( they don't tell you that )

Some people rave about different manufacturers, from OME to TD to EFS to Iron Man to TJM systems. Personally I think that all these manufacturers offer a good product, otherwise they would get a very bad name in a very small but verbal worldwide community. So I think it will be your choice ultimately.....

Steering damper???..... mine is still the original from when it was bought ( 1999 ).... Its a bit stuffed now but is still working just fine ( will buy one one of these days !!), but yours is a 2013 and should still be 100%. Have the preload checked on the kingpin bearings, and the preload on the front wheel bearings. I think that is where your wobble comes from.
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