Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

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Re: Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

Post by transnamib » 31 Oct 2013 10:49

Thanks Kasigo that is really useful. Sourcing this sort of stuff here always seems harder than it is in SA,

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Re: Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

Post by marakasmalan » 31 Oct 2013 12:18

VS Nissan's 1400 the link Kagiso posted seems somewhat on the expensive side!

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Re: Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

Post by Grant » 31 Oct 2013 15:01

transnamib wrote:Hi Grant

Thanks for that. I may well follow you with the replacement rubber arches if this doesn't work. Those thin rubberised filler strips never seem very secure to me and the whole plastic trim assembly never seems as tight as it does on Cruisers or Pajeros. I want to have them off though because I bet they are now full of sand, dust and wet river mud. At least with replacement rubber arches I won't have that to worry about so I am thinking that maybe I should seriously consider it before paying out a lot of money for something that might need doing again in a year or two. I will talk to my body shop and see what they can come up with.

Hi Mike,

It was a very cheap exercise at less than R35 a meter. Still have the originals but do not want to sell them as they are very expensive and Nissan in SA, do not have stock. The older our GQ's get, the scarcer the parts are going to become.

I you want more details on how i fitted them let me know. Also you might be able to get a wider rubber with spring steel in the edge which will keep the shape better.
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Re: Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

Post by Kagiso II » 31 Oct 2013 15:07

marakasmalan wrote:VS Nissan's 1400 the link Kagiso posted seems somewhat on the expensive side!
huh?? Waar kry jy n 1400 Nissan vir 900 Euro" ? of lees k n 'post' mis ?? :think:

Hoeveel meter strip het mens nodig vir n GQ ? daai van Euro Parts is n 9-meter lengte
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