Wheel alignment

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Wheel alignment

Post by Theuhan » 08 Jan 2013 07:05

Morning Guy's

My SWB GQ is very loose on the road, and I believe it is the Wheel Alignment. The problem is the normal "Tiger wheel and tire" do not know how to set a 4x4, I need a place in Gauteng that does 4 wheel, wheel alignment, Please help.
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Re: Wheel alignment

Post by Carel » 08 Jan 2013 08:16

Hi Theuhan. Ek het my Safari by Auto Tyre and Truck centre (ATT) in Wadeville laat doen en daar was 'n ourige persoon wat geweet het hoe die Safari se wheel alignment gedoen moet word. Dit is so ongeveer 2 jaar terug gewees.
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Re: Wheel alignment

Post by Tinus lotz » 08 Jan 2013 08:37

Ek doen dit by Auto wiel bel vir bareend of vir willie by centorion hulle verstaan ons karre

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Re: Wheel alignment

Post by Peter Connan » 08 Jan 2013 16:38

Theuhan, the problem is that in the entire Patrol suspension ther is only one single adjustment. Thus it is probably unlikely that the wheel alignment was done wrong, or that a better operator will be able to improve matters significantly. Also, Tiger Wheel at Westgate used to be the best alignment shop in town, but I have not been there for years.

I recommend that you have a good look around underneath and see if there are any bushes that need replacement (particularly the panhard rod bushes will have a large effect) [move all the bushes around with a large screwdriver and do a visual inspection]. Then check that the four ball joints on the steering arms are still free of play [there should be no play], and also that the kingpin bearings and front wheelbearings are correctly adjusted [jack up the front axle and see if you can feel play when rocking the wheel when gripping it top and bottom, there must be no play].

If all the above checks out, the only remaining option is to ask the wheel alignment operator to increase the toe-in slightly above spec value.
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