Heads up for all those planing stiffer springs = rear dif lock

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Heads up for all those planing stiffer springs = rear dif lock

Post by Spoor » 20 May 2018 19:05

Hi all I just want to share something with you all, I am new here so I don't know if this has been discussed before, maybe it helps an oke or 2 then I have made a difference. QQQ

Ok, so I have bought a set of re LA sport upgraded coil springs (extra 100kg ) for my 1998 4.5 Patrol and opted to fit this myself.
For the front, I have only done a spacer with the stock coil springs so as to accommodate the ARB bumper and winch. Shocks, I looked at many different shocks and believe it or not out of all the bank breakers out there I have opted for the Gabrial safaris' ( rear springs cost me R2900) and the 4 shocks I got for R1900 for all 4 at Midas. I am absolutely astonished by the result, the car sits quite nice with a very slight "wip gat"

Be very Careful going to Hard with the rear coils as there are brake lines running directly above the plate where the coils sits between the body and the plate, I think If youy wish to carry extra heavy stuff all the time and cant do without going for real hard coils ( 200kg or 300kg over spec ) then you should make work of getting a thicker plate made to protect those break lines, or at least move them with the remaining risk of body damge, I have seen a local patroll with a big lift that is leaning to the left ever so slightly when it drove in front of me, it was unladen and only the driver was in the car. I guarantee that that plate got bent on the left rear and that the owner is not far from brake issues, ill try and stop him next time I see him.

Now the heads up.
When I fitted the new rear coils I loosened the shock, I first did right-hand side then left. I loosened the anti-sway bar ball joints and jacked the chassis up to relieve the old coils and get them out easily ( please sprag the remaining wheels with some sort of stop block and use tressels when working under the car for extra safety don't trust just the jack especially if the coil is removed) I then installed the new springs note which side goes top and which bottom. ask the store if you are not sure. After I was done and A few weeks passed. I bought a fuel filter from Nissan to replace the previous owners GUD filter ( thanks Graham) when I did this and was now lying in front of the rear axle I noticed 2 loose pipes above the right rear axle ( probably pulled out when I installed the new coils) I then saw that these go to the diff lock. I wasn't sure which goes onto which metal pipe and tested the dif lock ( only engages in low range ) and I had them the wrong way around with my first try, turned it around and diff lock engaged and disengaged perfectly. ( If you have your coils fitted at a fitment center please check dif lock works before going to the bundus) because it might happen that the same thing happens and 1. they don't see it and mud and grit gets in there) or they see it and don't put it back the right way, or heavens forbid they tear or break the pipes off. anyway, lots of reading this but maybe helps a toll owner out there. :thumbup:

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