4x4 propshaft

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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by AdrianPowrie » 20 Sep 2017 09:00

Guys, as Pieter says...

We have had bad experiences on our commercial fleet with any type of lube on the prop shaft joints...
Grease the universals but leave the mating surfaces dry.
If any corrosion happens, it just aid's in keeping it all together.

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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by hugejp » 20 Sep 2017 09:23

I know that my Boet's company put "Formagasket" on the faces...

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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by Rhett » 20 Sep 2017 10:02

Interesting points being made, I am very uneducated with propshafts, so this is helpful.

David, do you know why the spring washers were bad news? I recently just put some on a propshaft but included Pratlok 6 - 10 grade, which is medium strength thread lock I think.If the spring washers have a chance to fail, I'd rather take them out ASAP.
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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by davidvdm » 20 Sep 2017 22:03

Rhett, I must be honest and say that I can't remember, but I think it had something to do with the way it digs into the surfaces and the possibility of it splitting open and leaving the bolt/nut with no tension and thus allows it to loosen up. But this might be me lending my ears out. In all my years, I have never come across this story before, and I still have all my split washers in place on my propshafts.

I just mentioned it in the hope that an expert, like Mr Conan, might have some comment for us.
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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by Peter Connan » 21 Sep 2017 05:03

I only comment when I have specefic knowledge (or a very strong opinion), which, in this case, I don't.

My only recommendation is to use whatever the manufacturer uses. They usually do things for a reason.
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Re: 4x4 propshaft

Post by Michael » 21 Sep 2017 06:09

I dont put anything between the two joints. This is one of those items where it really does not matter if any moisture comes in as you rairly have to remove the propshaft. Someone also mentioned it sort of corrodes over time whick is not a bad thing.....I agree and it can sometimes require some hammer action to seperate the two

If you ever need bolts and nuts, just order from the dealers as the bolt places dont really always know what is going on
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