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Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 16 Apr 2018 08:18
by Wilkie
dit is definatief op my bucket lys voor Julie

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 16 Apr 2018 15:58
by Wilkie
hugejp wrote:
13 Apr 2018 08:51
Ek wil ook een in bring, ek praat met Paul by 4wdsystems
Jp laat my net weet hoe dit verloop met die kostes van so n in bring van AUS af

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 16 Apr 2018 16:49
by Tinus lotz
Kyk ook na harrop spartan en dan lokka manne praat goed van daai in aus

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 30 Sep 2018 10:38
by biggles
So I have had the Lockright in the front for about a year now. Going for the dune trip I had some trepidation as to whether it would unlock on the sand. I had experienced no issues at Baboons last year but that was on rock.

I am pleased to announce I saw no impact on steering from the locker. To the point where I did a test just to make sure it was still there :lol: Any binding is due to the centre diff and there is not even a clicking sound when cornering.

I can honestly say that when I am driving I hardly feel its there, difficult to compare but steering feedback is maybe only slightly heavier than normal in 4x4. It felt like it was "tramlining' at medium speed and that went away at high speed.

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 06 Feb 2019 11:36
by davidvdm
Resurrecting and old thread, but the info/question is relevant without starting a whole new thread somewhere else..

Question???... will a locker or LSD listed for a rear diff, work in a front diff of the same model. In other words, if I find a LSD for a C200 listed for a rear end, will it be able to run in a C200 front diff.

I found via a drifting forum, a LSD listed for a R200 diff from the old skylines and Z cars. The internals are supposedly the same as the C200 diffs. Following the breadcrumbs, I came across who cover a massive model range. I sctratched around a bit and got these results for the old 1980-83 Safari bakkies and Wagons. ... ol&Submit=
Opera (108.3 KiB) Viewed 280 times
They however do not specify if you can use the device in the front as well.

Based on this, I scratched around the Lokka site, and found some options for the C200, but they all seem to be listed for the rear end. So again the question, can this Lokka be used in the front C200 diff?
Opera (148.74 KiB) Viewed 281 times
$300 odd sounds a damn side better than the ARB R26k option. Any experts here that can tell us if these units are direction specific.

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 06 Feb 2019 21:47
by mvcoller
I had a 1999 2.7 TDi Terrano before and Mike Swann from Nizani brought in a LSD for the front diff for me in about 2006. It cost me R7500 at the time. It was for a R200 diff but the Terrano had a R200a diff (or visa versa, I can't recall exactly anymore which way around). Only this particular model LSD (or locker) was avaiable for the R200 family of diffs at the time. The spline count differed (28 vs 27 iirc), so we had to have the LSDiff's splines modified to match the side shaft spline number. After that mod, the Terrano was incredible offroad, having LSDs front and rear. With the use of the foot on the brake pedal, I easily got them both to lock up quite well. Fitment and mods cost me another R2500.

I have since gone to directly (online) and ordered a front locker first for the Pathfinder and then about a year later for the Patrol. Both work very well, but the one in the Patrol is noisy and at low speed, even in 2WD I can feel it on the steering wheel (sometime quite a noticeable "vibration" as it locks and unlocks in quick succession) when driving slowly and turning. The one in the Pathfinder is quieter and I can only feel a slight pull on the steering in 4WD, no "vibration".

Both were delivered within a week, and once all local duties were sorted and paid, I had them in my hands within 10 days of ordering. These lockers worked out half the price of the LSD, ten years after the R10k I paid for the whole LSD package on the Terrano.

I would recommend you go the direct route to - all you have to do is fill in the year model and VIN of your vehicle, and you will get the list of possible unit available (or not available) for your vehicle.

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 06 Feb 2019 22:45
by davidvdm
Thanks Malcolm. I also worked out the Lokka will end up cheaper. I think you are right in the difference being the spline counts. And I think if the Lokka works in reverse, I see no reason why it can't work in a front diff. I have attempted to fill in the vehicle details, but I don't know exactly what they were, and have even less chance of tracking down the VIN number. I could ask Reenen if he happens to still have it, but he stripped that Safari down as far as I know.

I sent Lokka an email query on their site yesterday, but have not got a reply. I suppose I also need to pull those shafts and do a spline count so I know what to ask for in the first place.

I have manual freewheeling hubs, and they will be unlocked on any tar surface, so I won't experience that locking and unlocking you did. My fear is that I am running out of time before Lokka decides its no longer viable to keep these units for a 40 year old diff model.

Re: Front Axle Lockers

Posted: 08 Feb 2019 13:48
by davidvdm
Just found this in my spam box now.... Seldom check, so lucky for me.... Email from Lokka

Sorry for the delay - things are very busy here !

Your inquiry has prompted me to check the integrity of our model listing !!

The Lokka model you mention is listed for a 4 pinion C200 differential (for a Navara rear) - yet the internal parts we list to build that kit are for a 2 pinion C200 - and that makes no sense to me.

The Lokka model NIS-FO-294 is what you would need as far as I am aware - that is failry standard globally I think. - Its a 2 pinion C200 differential

One of the problems is that the manufacturers often released quite different parts and differentials in one world marketplace than they did in another world marketplace
We often only find out when something that should fit, doesn't fit !

The model I believe is suitable is in stock and would be the default selection on the online Lokka Wizard

Patrol, Safari
K160, KR160, TR160, Y160 MQ MK Series
C200 2 pinion Salisbury

Looks like I have an option for the front end after all. I have requested confirmation of the spline count for that kit they have. Now I suppose I must pull stuff apart on mine to check the spline count here.
This will be the second Lokka I import, and the price works out nearly identical to when I went through this process in 2008. And I was also trying to import for my C200 rear end I had in the Sani. We somehow got it wrong, and I ended up with one for the H233.

MMmmmm, now to find R5500 for this little upgrade...