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Over boost sensor

Post by gupster » 11 Sep 2018 08:32

Hi Guys. I have a question about the over boost sensor. After returning to SA after a year away, I popped in to see Brian at Mad Man to inquire if he now had the turbo boost module that fits onto the gauge. He will let me know when they are back in stock. If one has the boost and manifold information with the alarm set on the latter, would it be possible to bridge the over boost sensor not to put the car into limp mode. Or would the over boosting spike blow the inter cooler. I have noticed that my truck goes into that annoying limp mode and have to take my foot off the accelerator and back on again to rectify it. It never did that before I replaced the exhaust pipe with a 3 inch one and it only does it when inland from the coast. My older patrol did that and I turned down the Vin screw a tad and it never did it again, but I always felt that it was a negative thing to the power.

By the way, after standing, covered under a car port for year the truck seems to be fine. It did however take a while to start and had to keep using the lift pump. The only thing I noticed was the brake light fuse had blown but that could have been at any time before. I had left it with the battery disconnected and a Ctec charger hidden under the bonnet and the cable dangling out so my friend could plug it in for a day or to every three weeks. I forgot to ask Brian if any of the settings would have been lost in the Mad Man gauge with it having been disconnected for a year.

Looking forward to your thoughts.
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