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Re: Maus en 4.8

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Netso!!! Haal cat uit vervang agsterste coffin box dan het jy n free flow probeer om nie die pyp onder die kar waar twee pype saam loop te peuter nie daar is heat shields wat feul en diff lock pype beskerm teen hitte . Dit help ook met die probleem van gras wat onder die kar aan die brand raak as jy botz toe gaan

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Re: Maus en 4.8

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A few questions from the layman:

What is the cost of such a conversion?

Suppose it brings along a saving in fuel, how many km's required to recover the cost in fuel savings?

Furthermore, in the past tune-ups like "porting" etc produced a lot of benefits, but with the advances in production technology these aspects are geneally sorted out by the manufacturer, for whom economy has become a major design aspect. Now the "chips" has become fashionable, and that is a dark science as the manufacturers guard this technology very close. I recently had a look at the ECU of a 4.5, and it is not exactly possible parse this system, very complicated and contains several "layers" of encrytion, security by obscurity and hunderds of false functions to mislead the reverse programmer. I would be higly dubious of any supplier that clamis to resolved this system with full understanding by means of reverse engineering.



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