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Post by Kagiso II » 10 Feb 2010 17:44

Gents - (This is also on the NISSAN 4x4 site)
Won't you all join me in a joint approach [call it attack if you will] to NISSAN SA - Everybody who has had problems with their 3.0 DiD motors (Especially those with burnt piston tops due to over fuelling - 2001 to 2003 models but later as well) - PLEASE e-mail me the facts to: oom(dot)mac @ gmail (dot) com

I will then compile all and via the Nissan Club & with assistance from Herrie [Omie Kobus] and the Ombudsman and the consumer council and the News 24 "consumer line" and lawyers, rattle the NISSAN Cage somewhat.

It is time that Nissan shows a little RESPECT to it's loyal clients - and we can only succeed as a group

Gents - please - let those e-mails roll in - it is time Nissan plays ball with us

To one - NISSAN turns a "blind eye and cold back" - and then, to the next, THIS happens.
Photo scanned from JANUARY 2010 issue of SA 4X4 Magazine)
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