Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

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Johann 1984
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Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

Post by Johann 1984 » 06 Aug 2018 10:04

Hi Guys,

My Patrol ZD30 has a complete Nissan franchise service histiry. I need to do my 120 000 km service now, which I know is the major service as the diffs, gearbox and transfer-case oil needs changing as well as all filters. Nissan in Kimberley has quoted me 15K. That's a lot of money. Bosch charged me 8K for the same service.

I've always tried to keep my truck at Nissan, feeling safer with it in their hands. Do you guys believe that Bosch is safe, given the price difference.

My fear is that service centres rarely sees a Patrol in their workshop. It is not a common vehicle in which technicians are well versed and experienced.

Please let me know what you guys think.



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Kagiso II
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Re: Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

Post by Kagiso II » 06 Aug 2018 13:07

Get a quote from Willie at UPINGTON Nissan [darem nie TE vêr, nie] I do believe they might even be less than the Bosch quote.
Worth the call I think
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Peter Connan
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Re: Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

Post by Peter Connan » 06 Aug 2018 17:48

I used to drive a Birkin (Lotus) 7.

It had a set of Bosch fuel pumps, and at one stage it chewed up three pumps in a short period of time, so I asked Bosch why. They asked me to take the car in to one of their service centres so that they could check out the whole system.

The monkeys there jacked the car up under two of the chassis tubes, bending them all to hell.

I am not saying they are all the same, but I would not trust them with anything out of the ordinary.

But then again, Nissan have not covered themselves in glory when it comes to Patrol maintenance either...

Sorry, I am not being much help.
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Re: Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

Post by Stefan » 07 Aug 2018 12:35


Stick with what you know. If Nissan has given you (relatively) good service, why change? The risk of Bosch getting it wrong and you paying their school fees just seems a little higher.

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Re: Nissan service vs Bosch Service Centre

Post by XenoBlitz » 07 Aug 2018 13:09

I don't have much experience with Bosch, but Nissan service is absolutely terrible. Double to triple the cost and only half the expertise. Luckily up here we have people like Graham or Michael who can do the work, but my advice is: find a local general automotive guru you can trust, and stick with him. I have much better experience working with guys who operate out of their homes than with Nissan. At least they still care about their quality of service, rather than messing up your vehicle and then trying to sell you a new one.
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