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Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 04 Sep 2017 17:26
by Mystical_Beast
Good day Gentleman

I am considering selling my 4.8 Patrol.

I don’t do 6000 kms a year, never get to take her off-road and while I love the car if I could get a reasonable price for her I would let her go.

Further I am ashamed to admit that I doubt I will take her off-road until such time as I was able to do a long distance overland trip.
I’m pretty anal about my cars and to clean this beast, is a mission of note.
So I avoid getting her dirty, which is scandalous I know.

I would like some feelers as to what would be reasonable pricing.

In bought her in Sept 2015, I have added around 10000 km since then.

In the time, two gearbox flushes, first time I used Transmax Z had no problems but I flushed again with The Nissan J Matic recently.
To be honest, I think I preferred the box on the Transmax Z but she is super smooth either way.

At time of purchase, Sept 2015 anything that could be done was done. Diffs, power steering fluid, radiator flush, the works.
Replaced diff-lock Solenoid with new
New axle seals, wheel bearings etc.
Full free-flow system and Uni chip.

Invoice with above conversion was R 37000.00, have copy
In October 2015 we did the Front Wheel bearings, all seals on ball joint and replaced steering damper. That was R 17000.00
Point being car is perfect in every and any aspect.
Which is the only way I tolerate my vehicles.
On Sunday coming back from the farm, the Petrol attendant at the garage where I always stop asked if it was new, as he hadn’t seen me in it before.
She looks new.
I also did a complete spray job, I bought the vehicle for the low mileage but didn’t like the colour, it was black.
Fitted TJM, Full Aluminium full bar which retailed at over 30 k when they were available. I got it for half that. And fitted really cool HID spots.
Has Nissan/ Bosal Towbar, otherwise standard, no further extras.

Prior to my purchasing her, the vehicle was tied up in some estate issue for a couple of years, hence the low mileage and because she stood for a while I wanted to make sure she was 100 %

My cruising speed is 140 to 160, she seems happiest there rev wise etc and I get 16.6 l/100, or 800 kms on the tanks.
I tried an economy run but I don’t have the patience for it and 120 for me is just way too slow. On that attempt I had just chipped her and was around 14/100 if I recall correctly.
For 2 litres Ill just rather drive.

The downsides are no radio, I bought her like that and haven’t got too fitting anything as yet.
So I’m considering moving her but not interested in giving her away.
Her model year is 2008 but the car is brand new mileage wise.
I have attached some pics taken today as they may indicate condition.

I have in mind 300 k, am I crazy, realistic or what?
Bear in mind the mileage and condition.
If the market is way less I’ll keep her and Super Charge her.
In fact part of the reason I must sell her is to prevent myself doing that.
What to do..

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 11 Sep 2017 07:15
by graham1
Very very nice truck! I would say definitely keep and supercharge. You'll kick yourself if you dont.

I have the standard radio from my old 2004 that I would be happy to part with for a case of beer if you would like? I just hope i have all the wires and fittings still for it. I think I do though.

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 08:30
by Mystical_Beast
Dear Graham

Thank you for the response, while many have looked at my post no-one has actually offered an opinion as to realistic value.

I got to think of selling because there are much newer vehicles which provide similar performance and at much lower consumption, and better day to day practicality, further that I don’t really have the opportunity to use the Patrol for what its meant for.
But the other side of the coin is that its one of the last live axle vehicles available, which is why I bought it initially and may even become sought after in years to come, but then just speculation on my part.
The Y62 has not been received very favorably in other markets like Australia.

In the big scheme of things 300k isn’t really money in vehicle terms if you consider what replacement with something else could cost you, so perhaps you’re right and I should keep her. Add Rob Green Supercharger and she will be a real pleasure to drive, its quite a chunk of money to have done though.

Your offer on the radio would be most welcome and I would certainly be prepared to compensate you in this regard.



Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 09:18
by Tinus lotz
Hi i would much rather go for a turbo more useable power and more power for your bucks ....frans was talking half of what rob green wants for same power and better bottom end.
Look on the aussie sites they all go turbo rather :mytwocents:

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 09:25
by offroadbiker
Mystical_Beast wrote:Dear Graham

Thank you for the response, while many have looked at my post no-one has actually offered an opinionas to realistic value.
We do not like to tempt ourselves............ :rolleyes:

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 09:54
by Bre
It a beautiful vehicle. I think most of us would definitely supercharge it, because we're biased that way... But, as you say, you're never going to use it in it's natural habitat, fuel consumption is a bit high, etc, etc. Sounds like lot's of reasons to sell her I'm afraid :sad:

I wouldn't know what price though :confused:

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 10:42
by Mystical_Beast
I have had a petrol turbo charged hilux and found the power band rather narrow.
Conversion wise, Id be looking for long term reliability and the Super Charger route is ultimately very reliable, had one done on 3.0 litre colt.
That was awesome, 186 kw on the wheels and never experienced any issues related to the conversion over 15 years of ownership.
But she was getting tatty and old.

Sold for almost the same money as I bought her new. Although inflation makes a mockery of that.

Regarding turbo conversion, I would imagine that generates a lot more heat than a the charge route, although not technical enough to know for sure.
Heat is a killer inside any engine bay.
The plus side on the Charger route, is any issues encountered can temporarily be overcome by removing the belt, and drive it normally as such.

So spoke to Rob Green today to see if they could do something on the price of the conversion on the Patrol.
We have a long association and will see what they bring to the table.

I already have a free-flow system from them which I’ll keep to save a few rand,
Will be at the expense of a few kw but nothing one would realistically feel.

Trying to attach the conversion specs but file is too big

Lets see if they offer me a discounted deal.

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 10:49
by Mystical_Beast
Here is a snap shot of power figures at altitude

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 11:11
by Mystical_Beast
Just for interest sake

Attached below are the wheel outputs displayed as per dyno graph as opposed to standard.
Torque figure is at engine.

Must be a very tractable drive with the boost and I'm sure will be seriously fun to drive.

While the 4.8 is a great motor, in my opinion its output isnt great for the amount of fuel it uses, notwithstanding the weight it must lug around.

I find that in a hurry 4th gear is the better drive and she pulls well there, but not enough in oomph in 5th to keep her there.
The conversion will make that a thing of the past and from prior experience, if driven sensibly, without any undue sacrifice in economy.
Logic would dictate she would be more economical and a steady cruise as less fuel required for same power.

In fourth overtaking acceleration will be phenomenal, without having to go down to third which is horrible, as its noisy and brief as the ratio difference between third and fourth seems too large. The limitations of a 5 speed box I guess and the compromise of getting it off the mark with reasonable alacrity.

I'm selling myself into this against better financial judgement.

Re: Opinion of what she is worth

Posted: 12 Sep 2017 11:36
by Peter Connan
Bre wrote: I think most of us would definitely supercharge it, because we're biased that way...
Well, I am definitely not most.

Yes, the 4.8 delivers little performance per litre of fuel (although a lot more than it's predecessors), but we are after all speaking about technology that is for the most part a couple of decades old.
More to the point though, it reflects the design philosophy that makes the Patrol what it is: the only vehicle capable of taking a pounding, mile after mile, despite the roughest roads, the most suspect fuel and the roughest conditions the world can throw at it, yet without sacrificing comfort and ability. And specifically with respect to the 4.8, that ability includes the ability to maintain speed over most conditions, despite a heavy load.

Yes, not as effortlessly as most of the newer vehicles, but then I feel convinced that it will still be doing what it does when most such newer vehicles have been turned into beer cans and landfill. Personally, I would not do anything to compromise that, but then, I do use mine from time to time to go to places where the fuel comes out of non-descript cans...
I believe any significant power upgrade loses you the ability to do that, because you have to have far more control over pre-ignition and injector spray patterns become far more critical to engine health.

On the subject of turbo versus supercharger, the latest turbo installations are specifically designed to give tractable power over a wide rev range. According to luckier guys than me, the latest offerings from the likes of Ferrari, BMW M-division and AMG are so good that it is almost impossible to tell they are turbo-charged.

I very much doubt there is any real difference in the amount of heat generated, although in a turbo installation there may be more concentrated hot-spots?