My '98 GU 4.2 TD

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My '98 GU 4.2 TD

Post by Dustin »

Hi all.
I finally found my once in a lifetime, end of the rainbow, double unicorn 1998 Nissan Patrol 4.2D GL ! :woo: :blonde: :blonde: :blonde:

The break down so far :
1998 GU 4.2D
242 000km
1 owner - elderly German gentleman, treated it like his baby. Sold to buy a smaller car for him and his wife because they're too old to travel anymore.
Full service history with Nissan from brand new
TJM deluxe aluminium bull bar
2" Old Man Emu Nitro Sport suspension
Safari Snorkel
Long range fuel tank
Rear park distance control
33" Maxxis Big Horn mud terrains
Dual battery system
Aluminium roof rack
Dual jerry can carrier
Single water tank carrier
Gas bottle carrier
Eezi Awn retractable awing
African Outback drawer system
Custom built attachment for drawer system to convert rear into double bed
Tarkla full load area protection kit
Headlight protectors
Bonnet protector
Rear spoiler
Spot lights
ARB air compressor mounted in engine bay
Secondary portable ARB air compressor with 10m airline
JVC head unit
Full sheep skin seat cover set from band new - seats look brand new under covers
Recovery kit in drawers
Extra fuel filter, complete set of belts, complete set of pipes, headlamp bulbs and box of new glow plugs in drawers.
Original Nissan workshop manuals on drawers.

Future mods : (in no particular order)
LED light bars to roofrack and bull bar.
HID spot lights.
Swap front bull bar for steel winch bar.
Steel rock sliders with itergrated scrub bars connecting to winch bar.
Steel rear bar with wheel carrier that opens with big barn door (have the design).
12000lb winch.
TURBO conversion !!! :pray:
76mm exhaust from turbo.

SWAMBO gave the troll the name Shaggy, because with all the sheep skin seat covers, cup holder inserts, door pocket liners, ashtray insert... she's pretty sure the old gent had a bit of a sheepskin fetish and it reminded her of some sort of 70's style overland adventure shag wagon.

A big shout out to all who helped make this possible :thumbup: :clap:

I'll keep the thread updated as mods happen :salute:
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by SJC »

Very nice patrol. :thumbup:

(Interresting seat covers.... :biggrin: )
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by Michael »

Very nice Dustin!!

Really a sweet Patrol you came accross!
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by Tinus lotz »

Sweat dude
Hope you have pleanty fun in your passion wagon :thumbup:
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by Anthony Forgey »

Really nice.
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by Peter Connan »

Glad you found a nice one.
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by JoshJ »

Mooi :thumbup:
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by Wilkie »

brilliant.... :blonde: :blonde:
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by hugejp »

Well done!

You CAN with a NISSAN!

Jy KAN met 'n DATSUN!
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Re: My '98 GU 4.2D - SHAGGY

Post by IanT »

Very Very Nice! That is for a diesel :blonde: Quick question :think: Have you been on a dirt road with it yet? Does that back wing thing keep the dust out of the back door??
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