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Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 18 May 2015 20:31
by SJC
There is a 10a and a 100a glowplug fuse in the engine bay. I was not able to pull the 100a as it s quite stuck. Did not want to force it any more (use pliers) in case i break something. Looking at the fuse from the top, it did not look burned though.

Question is, can this vehicle start without glowplugs, or with faulty glowplug fuse? Is it possible?

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 18 May 2015 23:09
by Russ Kellermann
SJC wrote:I think i'll have a look at the battery first. Maybe not enough power to warm the glowplugs up propperly? But its not every time that i need to turn ignition twice. This morning in the cold it started right way.
The engine runs very smoothly, even at startup. The smoke is more of a puff when the egine cranks up which instantabously subside.

The battery in my patrol is a bosch, here is a pic of the discription/model. Not sure what is the reccomended rating for a patrol?
This is good to hear SJC. Also, Bosch battery is good. I'll check tomorrow as to what size mine is.

The clicks ricster talks about are very very faint. My patrol also has this, so will yours. The best way to illustrate this is to park close to a wall in the evening in the cold, and turn on the engine,as soon as you put your lights on you will see they dim slightly upon each turn of the relay switch, (what ricster was talking about), as it draws power from the loom.

Anyway, .. whats important is that your glow plug system is working correctly and that you have a good cranking battery.

For the record,.. it is possible to start the motor with NO glow plugs working. In fact there are certainly diesel motors from years back that had no glow plugs at all. Compression alone can be enough, ... however, of course,... made worse during colder temps, and impossible at times. A motor that has been designed to operate using glow plugs, should be treated as such of course... Check the Buzz Bar again, to see if its not just a poor connection.

Glad you got the limiter nut sorted out.

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 18 May 2015 23:32
by Dewald
Hi Fanus.

Maybe this helps.

The 10A fuse will be on the wiring that trigers the relay that in turn closes the circuit to the glow plugs and they will have the 100A fuse on their citcuit.

To answer your questions,
It will not start or run without glow plugs.
It can however start with fualty glow plugs and/or blown fuse.
It would just be harder to start the colder it is and you will get to a point that it would not start by itself if it is very cold. It can still start in very cold weather but the starter can't turn the engine fast enough so if one would let it run on a downhill so you get more engine speed it will start.

In my opinion, lisening to what you describe there is nothing to worry about and I would not change them, I know you feel it is a precuationary measure but it is not something that will leave you stranded, changing them for that reason is like changing your tires while they still have plenty tread left.

Just my thoughts.


Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 18 May 2015 23:38
by Dewald
Sorry to basicaly copy what you said Russell,

I only saw your post after I sent.


Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 20 May 2015 11:52
by Russ Kellermann
SCJ,.. the other day i commented on how heavy the roll bar is,.. and that my canopy and rack etc are lighter,.........I WAS WRONG. I removed my canopy a few days ago as my truck went in to the panelbeaters for some detailing and dent repairs (nothing major),... but, i realised how heavy my Canopy Rig has become, with all my nettings,roof rack, tie down points, fire extinguishers, lighting etc,... we struggled. Certainly heavier than the roll bar by a long way, i was shocked.

Driving the patrol with my 400kg Constant Load rear leaf packs and NO CANOPY felt like my wheels were welded directly to the chassis,... struuth.

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 20 May 2015 12:26
by ricster
:rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: .... shake rattle & roll....

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 28 May 2015 21:40
by SJC
Decided to remove the bullbar. Now i must just get a recovery hook. (Or have someone make me a recovery point.)

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 28 May 2015 23:06
by Russ Kellermann
I think it looks 10x better without that tube bar bud. Nice!... I looked at some recovery points from 4x4 MegaWorld the other day. They had 3 bolt holes, but as seen in your pic, the patrol would use two of them, so the 3rd could be ground off i guess, as it would be longer than needed.

The ones 4x4MegaBucks were selling were basically just 8-10mm plate bent in a radius at 90' with a good size hole for your shackles and two holes for your HT bolts (on the chassis). But any engineer should be able to make this up for you. However, saying that,.. im not sure if it needs to be oil quenched, shot peened or what not, in order to make them extremely tough... perhaps one of the engineers on here could advise.

The Pigtail on the Patrol (Not shown) is good for using a pull strap but not for snatching. The point shown in your pic is purely for transportation pick points during shipment from japan.

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 29 May 2015 06:01
by Peter Connan
It looks from your photos as if Nissan are now using the 4.8 Patrol's chassis as the basis for the pickup chassis.

Therefore, the 4.8's standard recovery points should fit.They use the same bolt holes that hold the plate under the radiator. You can buy them from Nissan for about R550 each, and I promise they are stronger than anything you can buy anywhere else.

You will need to buy longer bolts as well, M14 x 2 (I think but the first fine thread anyway), you will need 35mm long or more.

Re: My Patrol Pickup thread...

Posted: 29 May 2015 08:32
by Russ Kellermann
Pete,... Please explain if you able to ....

1) What is different about the 4.8 chassis to all other Patrol chassis?
2) FRom looking at the pics, what indicates to you that the Pickup shares the same possible chassis?
3) Any idea what the 4.8 recovery points look like?
4) If i was to purchase 4.8 recovery points from Nissan would i be able to safely/confidently snatch a loaded patrol pickup out of a mud bog? (i'm very nervous of snatches at the best of times so i'm always looking for the strongest/safest additions to my truck).
5)Would they attach at the two bolts shown in the pic? or elsewhere?

Anyone got a pic?