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Servicing a GQ/Y60 TD42 - full service kit

Posted: 30 Dec 2015 16:15
by DMH
Servicing my Troll soon. Picked up most of the info below from Koos Best's post. Some of the rest from other chats on this forum.

Prices quoted are ex VAT from Gaydons

Going to get an oil analysis done on the spent oil. cost R1600 for a 10-sample test kit, viz. R160 per analysis vs. R350 / analysis if you buy just one.

Some Q's:
1. Many have said you can get aftermarket filters for the rest, but go with the original Nissan air filter. Why is this? Seems like a fairly basic filter to make? Mine takes the oval, pan type air filter.
200x200-thumbnail-1447748683.1654606J00W nissan air filter patrol.jpg
200x200-thumbnail-1447748683.1654606J00W nissan air filter patrol.jpg (9 KiB) Viewed 2968 times
2. Reference manual says you need 9.2l and 8l oil (without filter change)
But others on the forum said it took them just over 10l. How come?

Z153 (GUD) equivalent PH4738 (Framm) R61.95 + VAT
Z292 (GUD) PH2850 (Framm)– – R90 + VAT. (This is the longer one that many on the forum prefer using instead)

Caltex Delo 400 seems best - based on what users here and 4x4community say(R195 - 5l)

Koos said:Framm P4922 GUD Z188 - R121
Gaydons system: P5138 Z513 - R190 (This is what's in my GQ currently and the part no. GUD references to the Nissan part no.) ... Itemid=108
Nissan PART NUMBER: 1640359E0AW

GUD 1001 Framm CA9308 – R210
TORA TA-534E R113 (Local spares shop & what's in my GQ currently)
Nissan PART NUMBER: 1654606J00W R375 + VAT McCarthy Nissan

Koos said: FERODO FDB 643 Gaydon’s said it’s for a Safari – R430 + VAT.
Gaydon's system says FDB1577 R560 + VAT
REAR PADS FERODO FDB 937 Gaydon's didn't have anything for rear

GEARBOX OIL: CASTROL VMX 80 MANUAL 4 LT (Amsoil 75W90 – Jules) 75W90 Castrol – pint 500ml– R45.98

REAR DIFF CASTROL LSX 90 2 LT (limited slip oil) Castrol LSX90 – 5l – R245
FRONT DIFF CASTROL EPX 80/90 HYPOID 5.4 LT EP80W90 – R175 – 5l
Diff – API-GL5*1 3l - from GQ reference manual

Cooling system – 15l

Re: Servicing a GQ/Y60 TD42 - full service kit

Posted: 02 Jan 2016 17:55
by Peter Connan
I use pirate air filter on mine, which I believe is the same as the TD42. Part number is AG1001.