3.0L TD GL 4x4

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Re: 3.0L TD GL 4x4

Post by JoshJ » 24 Mar 2014 21:34

Hi stephan22,

I bought a new 3.0L GL late last year. I traded a Prado VX150. you cant compare the cars when it comes to luxuries. the prado was fully loaded plus. but I have not regretted it one day. I enjoy driving the patrol. it drives a bit like a truck. and its true, you feel as if you can go anywhere and drive over everything.
we have a local track where I stay and I always take my new 4x4's there to test them. I have driven a lot of different 4x4's. and I had to use diff lock on this track with all of them except for the patrol. it just keeps on going and never lost traction.
I did get mine at a steal. McCarthy Nissan ran a promotion end of last year and I got mine at R 196 000 less than floor price. I spoke to the local dealers and they said it is a bout making targets and sales figures. Patrols don't sell well in SA so they must sometimes come down on price to promote sales on the patrols. if they reach there target they get bonuses from Nissan SA so this makes up for the loss on sale price.

so if I where you I would negotiate the best price possible. or look for a demo model or one with very low kilo's.
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