The Future of Next 10 years.

Notices to members from the forum administration

Who should own and manage the Patrol forum in the future:

1. All the members.
2. An individual member with enthusiasm.
3. The members, but with a club fee included.
4. The members, but with adverts to generate income to cover costs.
5. Senior members of the forum.
6. Nissan South Africa.
No votes
7. Nissan 4x4 club.
No votes
8. Other corporate Sponsor.
Total votes: 32

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Re: The Future of Next 10 years.

Post by IanT » 20 Nov 2018 21:48

Johnboy, many thanks for the last 10 years👍 As I have said in the past I am happy to print the forum stickers free of charge 😁😁

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Re: The Future of Next 10 years.

Post by nisjeep » 21 Nov 2018 02:53

I've only been here a year but lessons learned from other forums are never ever go commercial and move forward with the times . That includes a mobile platform like Tapatalk.

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Re: The Future of Next 10 years.

Post by offroadbiker » 21 Nov 2018 06:59

ricster wrote:
20 Nov 2018 15:12
I agree Dirk, however I'm going to throw a spanner in the works regarding the "small group" idea. All I'm trying to do by saying this to put out an opinion that may not have been thought of previously so please guys I am definitively not knocking anyones ideas or inputs ....

I have a suggestion that I would like to put forward....
1) Ian, takes ownership of the Patrol forum as he has the infrastructure to accommodate the patrol Forum. If this position opens up to many there are too many issues that can creep up with the mechanical side of the Forum. Currently, if there are any glitches either JohnBoy or myself discuss the issue with Ian who then does his voodoo and problem is solved as he has intimate knowledge of how this forum is set up, ( Ian basically rebuilt the current Patrol 4x4 website after the old one had a few gremlins ).There are still 2 other Admin guys namely Gerrit Loubser, and myself. I would like to suggest that JohnBoy remains as Admin even if it is from a "back seat" or Honourary position, making a total of 4 Administrators.
2) There are 7 Moderators namely Micheal, Dirk, Peter, Tinus, Stefan, Kobus and Saltman (who sadly hasn't been on the forum in a while - but this can be looked at in the future once this has been sorted out), who actually do a more active role than what the Admin guys do.
3) if there are changes or things added that one would like to see on the forum, then send a Pm to either the Mods or Admin. If it is possible generally it will get done. For example I question was raised the other day "is there a Y62 section yet?".... No not yet, but lets get this sorted quickly and then we can look into it.... even though there isn't a Y60 or a Y61 section ( cause we are all equal here....haha), but it is an idea that we can look into.

So in a nutshell, it currently isn't one person running the Patrol 4x4 forum, and suggest we let it run as it is currently running. If anyone feels, that a Moderator is making nonsense, PM the Admin guys. If anyone feels the Admin guys are making nonsense, Pm the Moderators.
I can 100% live with this :thumbup:
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Re: The Future of Next 10 years.

Post by JohnBoyZA » 21 Nov 2018 08:01

Once again, thank you for all your input. I am going to lock the topic and based on the consensus by the majority above, leave Ian and Cedric with the reins as admin, moderators in place as they are - you might like to add a few, and transfer the forum to Ian's care and hosting. In doing this, there will be no change experienced by members. I would like to retain a veto right on fundamental changes, if necessary, otherwise I will take a back seat. Good luck guys.
Dankie en Groete
Ps. Ian I will be in touch.

Ian T, thank you!!!
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