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Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 09:17
by gupster
Good morning to you all. I dont know if I have the correct forum for these questions but here goes. I have a UK reg 2001 Patrol here in South Africa on a RAC carnet. Technically I should take it back to the UK but it will cost far more to drive or ship than its worth. And I have failed twice to reach Europe and am a bit tired. Do any members have contacts that can assist with registering it here? I know its very difficult. I am a South African resident and have owned the car since Nov 2010. I have also tried to find Dawid Volskenk but to no avail. His name does not appear as that in the members search. I need to get some spares and am hoping, after reading many of your posts, that he is the man to contact. I also am going to put a short post of my travels and have started it already and will post it a long with a few pics when its ready.
Thanking you in advance

Goeie môre aan julle almal. Ek dont weet as ek die korrekte forum vir hierdie vrae, maar hier gaan. Ek het 'n Britse reg 2001 Patrol hier in Suid-Afrika op 'n RAC carnet. Tegnies moet ek neem dit terug na die Verenigde Koninkryk, maar dit sal baie meer te ry of skip as sy die moeite werd kos. En ek het twee keer gedruip Europa te bereik en is 'n bietjie moeg. Moenie enige lede het kontakte wat kan help met hier te registreer? Ek weet dat sy baie moeilik. Ek is 'n Suid-Afrikaanse inwoner en sedert November 2010 het die motor besit. Ek het ook probeer om Dawid Volskenk te vind, maar dit was tevergeefs. Sy naam is nie as wat in die lede soektog verskyn. Ek moet 'n paar onderdele te kry en ek hoop, na die lees van baie van jou poste, dat hy die man te kontak. Ek het ook gaan 'n kort boodskap van my reis te sit en het reeds begin en dit sal post dit 'n lang met 'n paar foto's wanneer sy gereed is.
Baie dankie by voorbaat

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 17:54
by Peter Connan
Phone Tinus Lotz, he can give you David's number.

I will PM you Tinus's number now.

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 18:39
by Tinus lotz
Hello welkom by die forum ...dawid bly in warmbad en het bitter min sein by sy plot ....sal sy no vir jou pm hy koop gereeld patrols aan om vir parte te verkoop as mense nie reg kom met sulke goed nie groete en laat weet ons hoekom jy nie tot daar bo kon ry nie.......patrols kan mos
Dawid is die week in richards baai maar stuur vir hom n boodskap hy sal terug kom na jou toe

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 19:23
by Kagiso II
You can contact the SABS [SA Buro of Standards] they have a a unit dealing with this - they will give you the procedures and the possibilaity of a register in SA .

ELSE -- Botswana does not have that same sherbett strnt nonsens -- If you can maybe sell it in Botswana ?

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 26 Jan 2014 19:43
Hi. Its David here.
Please contact me on my cell at 083 499 1588. My e-mail is
As Thinus mentioned I'll be in Richards bay from Tuesday till Thursday but you are wellcome to phone me anytime

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 09:35
by gupster
Thanks for the information Kagiso. I just phoned a friend in Bots and he is going to look into it for me.
Kind regards.

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 27 Jan 2014 09:47
by Kagiso II
I put this time ago on WEGRY Kampvuur as well - but in summary -- here is the RSA info on import of cars on SABS

SOOS OOMPIE GESE HET -- kry die vereistes by die SABS [Bureau van Standaarde]
Permanent Importation

Permanent Importation of Vehicles into South Africa

If you intend on importing a foreign registered vehicle into South Africa, you need to qualify for an Import Permit as well as a Letter of Authority.
Import Permit

To obtain the Import Permit, contact ITAC:
Telephone +27 (012) 394 3610 / 3617 or +27 (086) 184 3384

Application forms may be obtained from ITAC's website. Visit
To qualify for the Import Permit, you need to prove to ITAC that you are either a returning resident, having owned and used the vehicle for 6 months or more prior to it’s importation into SA or that you are an immigrant in the country - your permanent residency has come through.
Letter of Authority

To obtain the Letter of Authority, contact SABS:
Telephone +27 (012) 428 6314 / 6534

Application forms may be obtained from SABS' website. Visit
In order to qualify for a rebate of customs duty, a returning resident needs to prove to SARS that they have owned and used the vehicle for 12 months or more prior to it’s importation into South Africa (only one car per family may qualify for rebate of duties - 2nd and 3rd vehicles pay full duties) and that they gave up their residency in South Africa.
Once you are in possession of these two documents, you need to contact a clearing agent - SARS will be able to refer you to one. Clearing agents will assist with the SAD500 form and arrange for the payment of duties and taxes, if any, to SARS. Once duties have been paid, SARS will issue a document called Customs Release Notification form. This form is then taken to the vehicle licensing department and the vehicle is then registered in SA. (Please note, left-hand driven vehicles manufactured after 1 January 2000 may not be imported into South Africa - they do not qualify for the Letter of Authority.

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 29 Apr 2015 08:18
by gupster
Oom Mac I just thought I would up date my importation application. I followed your advice, but used Johan Kriek from Springbok importers to do it all for me. I was fortunate enough to be able to bring the Troll in as a returning resident. I am just waiting for Customs to do the inspection for me. The reason it has taken so long was that after being issued with the ITAC import permit, it turned out that there had been an engine change in 2005. I am still going to have to apologize on the forum, as soon as I can find my post, where I claimed to have a high milage Patrol, whereas 101478 Kilometers should have been deducted as that was the milage in 2005.
It took ages to to find the garage in Belfast, Northern Ireland who had changed the engine. Its hard to believe, but they had no record of the engine number, but confirmed it was done. Nissan UK denied ever having supplied the engine too. They did finally accept a letter from Nissan SA confirming Vin and engine number and then they gave me a letter for ITAC to give me another import permit and LOA with the right details.
Its been a hard slog, but Johan persevered and I am soon to get a NPN number plate.

Kind regards.

Re: Registering a UK Patrol in SA

Posted: 29 Apr 2015 08:36
by ricster
Well done mate !!.... the illegitimate child is back home..... :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: