Diesel problems???

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Gerrit Loubser
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Gerrit Loubser » 02 Oct 2012 16:38

Eish guys. :surprised:

Is this not just a misunderstanding that could be cleared up by having a telephonic chat? It often is difficult to express oneself adequately by means of a post, so something that would have been a non-issue in a person-to-person conversation could become a confrontational situation in cyber space.

Over the couple of years that I have been a member here I have really enjoyed the easy going nature of the forum and the way that everybody has really tried to help their fellow Patrollers. Frans and Russ, both of you guys have made tremendous contributions here and actually epitomize what I said in the previous sentence.

Would you guys not please consider the possibility that this is a misunderstanding and try to work things out? :pray:
Gerrit Loubser

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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Herrie » 02 Oct 2012 18:28

Stem saam met Gerrit :oldtimer:
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by riaanvdw » 02 Oct 2012 18:34

Frans drew first blood...WTF? :think:

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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by martyn » 02 Oct 2012 18:44

Hey guys, this is a forum for people with the same interests at heart, lets not get het-up and pull out of it. both have always had valid comments in the past. Like Gerrit said, lets keep it cool. :mytwocents:
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Russ Kellermann
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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Russ Kellermann » 02 Oct 2012 19:22

Gentlemen,I am really frustrated with this as i find myself in a battle of principals now. I am a very easy going person and i always look for the humour and/or light side of a heated debate, taking into account how others may react and often amending my words before posting in order to dowse any such fire .

However, im not a person to simply take it on the chin when im told to " come talk shit to" someone, and i believe that none of you would accept such a derogatory statement should the shoe be on the other foot. I found that extremely distasteful on an otherwise charming site, filled with best wishes,camaraderie and fantastic technical support, always making sure a Topic is maintained in a savoury fashion. Furthermore, i feel my response to Frans's post was fair and due, and i belived all my points made were legitimate.

The most important line in all this, as far as im concerned, is the following...
tour de frans wrote: het ek persoonlike ondervinding gehad, Niks uit n boek of hoor-se nie.
Because it supports the crucial point i made in my last post.

Frans,(i say this as a friend and not as an attack), you have the knowledge, all the experience as a mechanic, and have proven history unmatched by most on this forum and yet you refused to share this at a time when it was most needed, had you posted something in regard to the topic instead, we would all be richer for it, and i believe this would have negated any confrontation .

Frans,I have always respected your input (view all my previous posts in this respect) but i feel the attack on me was unfounded, particularly if you were not to support your own convictions with said literature.

However, regardless of what has now been said, i would like to invite you to join me and wipe the slate clean. I still believe you have much to offer here and i would like you to stay. I joined this forum for the bests parts of it, and i believe your advice and friendship is a part thereof.

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tour de frans
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by tour de frans » 02 Oct 2012 23:12

Good Day all forum members
My appology for my action regarding my post to Russ. Yes I took first blood with reason.
Russ please accept my apology for what I said. You ticked me off, and here's the reason why.

I asked you what is a Nads. Both you and grootseun came with a answer, that to me dont fit Nads. I start to think I missed something, maybe the nads is a pair of guages and blanked off egr. I still do not know. But surely anti detonation dont fit that. What ticked me off where your post after Grootseun. He did not answer wrong, that is what a 3l owner need to do to prevent engine failure. But that did not answer my question, yet you came with a funny comeback. (to me you were laughing at me for what Grootseun said.) and to me you were both off the mark. None off you helped me regarding my question. If that were your answer, I clearly understood wrong.I do not know what a NADS is. For a diesel? If a Nads can fit a petrol, I can understand why. But still would like to know how it works. (dont tell me it's a oil catch can with guages...)then the name is wrong.
The long and short, I were not out to find the wrong in a post. I am the first to help were I can with a vehicle. I also learn by that. I would have given a logic answer to the first question if I understood the Nads, to join in with your answer to Newlimb. If I did understood you and Grootseun's answer, I properly would not said a thing.
If I read your answer wrong, I am sorry for that.
Thank you for inviting me back to this great forum.
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Tour de frans - het niks met n bicycle uit te waai nie.

Dr Chris
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Dr Chris » 03 Oct 2012 05:55

Hi All,
I have read this several times and do not wish to become involved, other than to express my personal vulnerability in putting to scribe any future issues that are shared in this excellent forum. In my humble opinion, and noting that I am not mechanically minded, I enjoy the privelege of being part of, and amongst you all, because of the immense value and learning curves that are offered by so many experts, and the shear comaradie that is evident.
Regrettably such uncomfortable debate has now been brought to the fore (in the Notice Board column as well), and we must never forget that this forum is disseminated worldwide too.
It will definitely affect my participation, (and particularly my acute awareness of my own limited level of patrol knowledge), into the future that has sensitised me?
I sincerely hope that we can facilitate a way forward?
Regards and best wishes to you all,
PS: I have deliberately expressed this in English because of the dissemination.

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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by ricster » 03 Oct 2012 07:57

I am pleased that this has been resolved and that we ( The Patrol forum ) is back on track.

There will be times where so many people, with different languages and writing styles will say ( write ) something and the other person will hear ( read) it and 2 completely different ways/understanding can come out of it....... I can joke around with my wife " I'm going to smack your butt", when she wants to take me clothes shopping for her :rolling: :rolling: .... and I can aggressively say to my son " I'm going to smack you bum" when he is naughty and I'm cross with him....... BUT often this all can get lost if we don't hear the words. I think this is what happened and it just snowballed into this.

I have loads of respect for both Frans and Russ, and I'm sure heads will get bumped again.... but what is great about this forum is that this very seldom happens.... so well done and respect to both of you!! WE HAVE A GREAT FORUM HERE !!!

Ok its overs..... now lets get back to the point WHAT IS A BLARRIE NADS???.... :rolling: :rolling:
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Russ Kellermann
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Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Russ Kellermann » 03 Oct 2012 08:00

Gentlemen, Thank you for all the concerns regarding myself and frans.

Frans, Thank you. I would like to emphasise that i was not making fun of your question in any way, and i see now that Gerrit was correct, it was a misunderstanding in its truest form. I will endeavour to answer your question more clearly. My intention was not to upset you .

I believe we can still add something of value to NEWLIMB's thread on the subject, and invite all and sundry to share their thoughts. I am going to try and find positive literature on the NADS topic in the mean time, frans, i think you have some very important personal experiences that Newlimb could learn from before he makes a desicion to purchase a diesel vehicle, add that to this thread, and lets all show him how cool this forum can really be.

Thanks chaps.
'07 Patrol Pickup TD42 N/A,285's KM2,3" Lift,ONCA Bars,Warn High Mount,Alu Canopy, and some other Stuff.

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Patrolman 1000+
Patrolman 1000+
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Jules » 03 Oct 2012 08:20

NADS = Nissan Advanced Drinking Society QQQ , this was formed in the early 2003 and 2004 when the previous diesel 3.0L went boom on owners it automatically drove the vehicle owners to liquor to cope with the huge financial loss. Then Nissan Headoffice started replacing the engines to put a halt to abusive husbands, this in turn changed it to NADS = Nissan Anti Drinking Syndrome which in turn made the wives and children happy because they had a loving father back in the house.

I am extremely glad you guys put the " strydbyl" aside, I remember in my early days on the forum I also stepped through sarcasm on Grant's toe's unintentional but so one learn that humour for one will not be seen in the same light by another.

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