Diesel problems???

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Peter Connan
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Peter Connan » 03 Oct 2012 08:28

So let me put my big boot in too.

As far as I am concerned, each and every person can add value to this forum. I for one do not yet know everything there is to know about anything, and all knowledge is of value.

I am involved on a number of forums, and this is by far the friendliest. I for one would like to keep it that way? I have also learnt that it is exceptionally easy to give offence in writing, where even a telephone conversation with almost exactly the same words would not have caused the same reaction,perhaps because in print it is very difficult to read inflection and tone of voice is inaccessible?

Thus I do not think anybody should see this incident as a damper on their right to communicate (or on their status as a valued member of this community), because in a community this large and diverse, the odd misunderstanding or difference of opinion is unavoidable. When that happens, may I ask that we do not get personal or attacking on the forum, but rather take it up via private messages?

Frans, this is just an idea, I don't actually know. But perhaps the NADS moniker is flawed in that it doesn't target detonation in the standard sense, where Diesel does but Petrol shouldn't, but instead targets detonation of the "handgrenade failure"?
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by martyn » 03 Oct 2012 21:12

:blonde: :blonde: :blonde: great to see you guys have sorted things out :pray: i was worried that knowledge would be taken away from us mere mortals that need ALL the HELP we can get.
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Stefan » 09 Jan 2013 16:22

Any other opinions as to what NADS is?

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Kagiso II
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Re: Diesel problems???

Post by Kagiso II » 09 Jan 2013 16:51

I could not lay my hands on .. aggg semurman, lattik in my eije taal m't jelle praat en assa iemand vêr is wat Ingrish soek .. kry by "Google Translate" hulp [net jammer Goeggul hetti MY taal daar in nie :-)) :rolling: -- wattik wil sê: Konnie 'n O)xford dixsjinirry inni hanne kry nie, toe vra ik maar vir Goeghil wat is NADS -- en Goeghul seg vi my:

National Association for Down Syndrome
Since its inception in 1961 NADS has always believed that parents helping parents is a very powerful concept and most parents find that some of their greatest ...

Nad's - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nad's is an Australian trademark of internationally-sold waxing hair removal products, although chemical depilatory, skin-care and other products are also sold ...

The National Advanced Driving Simulator
Driving simulator used in research in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nou wat harigheid of Hemelkind wees OF hoe jy in 'n nagemaakte box kan ry ... te doene het met Datsuns en dat Nissan diesel enjins .. die weet ik nie so mooi nie.

Bygese: Fransman en Russ - julle is nog steeds oompie se pelle. PUNT
[jaaaaaaa, orraait Arries .. jy ook ]

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