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New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 13 Jan 2021 15:22
by Jacor
Hi everyone

Firstly, thank you for admitting me to the forum.

Before I get into my question some background.

I currently have a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2012 V6 CRD Overland and have done a couple (though not serious) trips through South Africa. We try to find the most remote and least driven routes we can find. Although most of the travels have been on high speed gravel, we have found some gems like Katbergpas, Lundean's nek and Op die berg to Whuppertal.

The Jeep has been fantastic and gave us the opportunity to see places we couldn't get to before but we are starting to outgrow it.

This then brings me to the real reason for this post Image. I need some advice please.

I have been looking at many options but ultimately have settled my heart on a Patrol.

Quick side note, I'm not too clued up on mechanics but am learning (have at least learned what an alternator is the last couple of years Image)

Budget is R150 000 to R250 000 (the most popular bracket it seems). The Jeep is financed and I would have to do the same for the Patrol.

There is one for sale at Alro Motors in Centurion for R250 000.

2010 Nissan Patrol 4,8 GRX A/T (P64/P74
Kms: 220 009
Colour: WHITE

There is a Facebook link below and I will attach some pictures. If anyone recognise it please let me know. The sales guy mentioned the previous owner used it to tour Namibia.

It has 35x12.5 BFG muds on (number 1318 so 13 week of 2018 if not mistaken?) . It looks like it is lifted (maybe?) and Old Man Emu suspension.

I also took it for a test drive today.

It felt a little sluggish, is it possibly just because I am too used to Jeep beast engine? Image

The steering has a litte "wobble", is this due to the bigger tyres?

The tyres rub against the body in full lock but I believe this can be easily fixed with a spacer or body lift of some sort?

I looked underneath and there are big dents in a yellow horizontal shock-looking thing (remember I said not mechanical Image). Pictures attached. Also no bash plates.

I tried the 4L and diff lock and think they worked, although not sure about dif lock, the ABS light kept flashing.

Front and rear bumper replaced but would need a respray. ... rdc=1&_rdr

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Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 13 Jan 2021 16:19
by izakjbrt
You are gonna get a ton of advice here, I have the 2007 4.8 grx and the wife has the 2012 4.8 grx. Mine is also a bit sluggish, but its very heavy and the muds on normal roads don't really help

Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 13 Jan 2021 17:32
by Peter Connan
Welcome Jaco

The weight of steel bumpers both ends and the 35" tires will take the edge off a 4.8's acceleration, but I am not sure just how sluggish it should feel. I am guessing it should be able to do 0-100 in around 16-20 seconds. Maybe somebody who actually has a 4.8 can just verify that.

Old Man Emu don't do a standard height suspension, so probably lifted 50mm or so. Of course the weight and age will affect how much higher it is now.

Tires touching on full lock: this can be sorted by just adjusting the steering stop screws. This will result in a slightly larger turning circle though. I would not do a body lift to try fix this. It compromises too many other factors.

The dented shock is the steering stabilizer. Not a big issue as that dent is just in the cover tube. If it was dented through to the cylinder, you would not be able to steer the car. I can supply you with a bash plate that protects that if you want. Also do some other protective parts.

The steering wobble could be lots of things but not the bigger tires per se. It is most probably just a wheel imbalance but can also be loose wheel bearings, loose swivel hub bearings, worn steering ball joints or worn suspension bushes. I would have the wheels re-balanced and make sure it's not wheel bearings or swivel hub bearings because running with those loose can cause problems, but if the wobble is slight and it's not one of those two, I would just live with it. Way to check is to jack up the front wheels, grab them top and bottom and feel for play. There should be nothing.

With regard to the diff lock, I think the ABS light must keep flashing as the car is warning you that ABS is switched off. The diff lock light will flash when the switch is activated, and then stay on once the locker actually engages. Once it does this, drive it in a circle a few times on grass or dirt. There should be no clacking noises.

Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 14 Jan 2021 06:30
by Jacor
Thanks guys, This is really great info.

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Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 14 Jan 2021 06:36
by Tinus lotz
The price on that car is not bad 4.8 with 35 tekkies are slow
You need 33 or ideally 4.11 diff centers and it wil go lekke again

Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 14 Jan 2021 18:35
by Jacor
Thanks Tinus.

I'm just waiting for the bank to see what the installment will be. If that all looks good I will then see to get it to someone to give it a once over before making the final decision.

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Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 15 Jan 2021 08:37
by BaasWiets
Môre laat daai dealer sommer daai headlight vervang dit klaar is n helse lot geld vir die bedrag wat jy betaal moet daai kar sharp wees as jy hom kry.

Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 15 Jan 2021 08:59
by JohnBoyZA
Hallo Jaco en baie welkom!

You will not be disappointed, I'm an ex Jeep Grand Cherokee (5.7) owner, and after buying the Trol I have never looked back, good luck and keep us updated!

Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 15 Jan 2021 09:48
by Dewald
More Jaco.

Hy staan al lank by hulle, minstens 6 maande wat ek van onthou so dalk kan jy bietjie stry met die prys sou jy regtig belangstel.

Paar ander goed om na te kyk, nou nie als erg nie maar net dat jy weet as jy dit dalk nie gesien het nie.
Soos BaasWiets sê die regter voorlig is nie lekker reg nie.
Die "bonnet guard" is stukkend, sy hoek regs waar hy vas kom.
Snorkel se kop is stukkend.
Windskerm se "Weather strip" bo by die dak is nie lekker in sy plek nie.
Linker "roof gutter beading" se proppie agter is weg.
Dink amper die regter agterste "fender flare" was los.
Die "diff filler plugs" is beskadig en sommer klomp silicon om dit gesmeer.
Dan het hulle ongelukkig n lang afstand tenk ingesit "stainless steel" en hy is n paar plekke gekraak en lek verseker so dis nie te goed nie.
Die "stoneguards" voor is heel weg gesny binne vir die bande, dink dis daar waar hy skuur

Ekt net buite om geloop so ruk terug so is maar wat ek so vinnig gesien het, ken nie die voertuig nie.


Re: New member - Patrol buying advice

Posted: 15 Jan 2021 14:06
by Jacor
Baie dankie almal. Hierdie inligting word so baie waardeer.

Op die oomblik lyk dit asof die deal nie gaan gebeur nie. Die bank se rentekoers wat hulle bereid is om te gee is te hoog dus paaiement te veel.

Ons sal aanhou soek .

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