Leaking Welsh Plug - how to?

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Leaking Welsh Plug - how to?

Post by Patrol 4.5 » 04 Jul 2019 20:31

Hi Gents

I have a Welsh plug that is leaking and need to replace it. It's the one at the front of the head, facing the radiator. How do I get it out, is there a tool or do I just pry it out with a screw driver?

Thanks for the advice in advance.


Rob Duane

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Re: Leaking Welsh Plug - how to?

Post by Tinus lotz » 05 Jul 2019 07:11

There is a lot of how to do do it on u tube but what i found was to use a punch and let it swing around if you know what i mean ...get some shallac from Indian head or similar
When you replace it it seals properly then

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Re: Leaking Welsh Plug - how to?

Post by Peter Connan » 05 Jul 2019 10:23

The "official" method is to knock it with a small punch or screwdriver just on the inside edge, so that it swings around and you can grip it with pliers and pull it out.

This works well with the bigger ones, but the smaller ones sometimes don't want to rotate, and then one runs the risk of dropping it into the water passage. If I find it start moving in, i carefully drill a hole through it as close to the middle as I can, then I take a piece of flat bar with a hole in it, and a large self-tapping screw. The screw must fit loosely through the flat bar, but thread int to welsh plug. I then just use the end of the flat bar to lever the plug out.

Be very carefull not to scratch the bore into which the plug fits (which happens if you drive it on the edge), else the plug will leak.

If you have scrat hed the bore (or are fixing somebody else's mistake) put the plug in with shellac sealant or (more effective) Pratley Steel epoxy.
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