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by Pieter B
23 Jan 2021 06:43
Forum: 08a. Your Patrol
Topic: Patrol Safari Bakkie opbou van scratch
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Re: Patrol Safari Bakkie opbou van scratch

Overambitious wrote:
22 Jan 2021 18:09
What motor are you fitting in it? I don't recognize it
According to an earlier post it could be a RD28. It looks to be diesel
by Pieter B
22 Jan 2021 06:25
Forum: 33. Happy Birthday!!!
Topic: Happy Birthday Faan!
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Re: Happy Birthday Faan!

by Pieter B
20 Jan 2021 06:06
Forum: 09. Engines
Topic: Engine Wash
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Re: Engine Wash

I took the big plastic cover off once to give it a clean. A week after the wash I picked up a missfire. It turned out I got some water into 2 of the plugholes. Needless to say that I sommer did a plug change at that point as you have to dismantle the whole engine to get to the offending plugs. After...
by Pieter B
15 Jan 2021 11:28
Forum: 33. Happy Birthday!!!
Topic: Happy birthday JoshJ
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Re: Happy birthday JoshJ

by Pieter B
28 Dec 2020 04:19
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: I'm Back
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Re: I'm Back

by Pieter B
26 Dec 2020 06:33
Forum: 41. Equipment Wanted
Topic: 27 Mhz whip antenae
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Re: 27 Mhz whip antenae

RF technologies in Alberton can sort you with an antenna. I've got a tel number of a guy that sorted and installed my VHF. PM me if you need his number

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