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by gupster
28 Jul 2019 19:01
Forum: 19. Overlanding/Camping Equipment
Topic: RTT an overkill?
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Re: RTT an overkill?

He he an interesting choice. My wife and I always had a ground tent but every night, she would worry about being stomped on by elephants or some other large beast. So eventually I put a wooden platform on our old Range Rover and set the tent up there. However, she still worried that we were now leve...
by gupster
13 Feb 2019 16:53
Forum: 39. Vehicles Accessories Wanted
Topic: 3.0 Di dipstick needed
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Re: 3.0 Di dipstick needed

Did you arc it across the battery. The previous owner of mine did that and I bought a new one.
by gupster
13 Feb 2019 16:51
Forum: 21. DIY Projects
Topic: Second Battery System
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Re: Second Battery System

Hi Rodney.

Yes I removed both of the side panels when I traveled. In the passenger side, I stored 2x 5l oil, brake fluid gear oil and quite a lot of things. But its far too narrow for a battery. I hope I have added 2 pics
by gupster
31 Dec 2018 07:23
Forum: 24. Trip Reports
Topic: Western Coast and Southern Namibia
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Re: Western Coast and Southern Namibia

Hi Ian and thank you for the post, I really enjoyed having memories coming back. The trip report is well written and tons of great pictures too, just the kind of thing that makes my mouth water and feet itch. I even saw things I had missed on my own trip. :goodpost:
by gupster
08 Dec 2018 17:54
Forum: 19. Overlanding/Camping Equipment
Topic: Camping power requirements
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Re: Camping power requirements

As always Peter, a very interesting article including the facts you meticulously provide. I think that there are many variables to the equation, as you pointed out, and I can only submit my experience. In my travels through Africa I was very happy with my NL 40 twin and never experienced the freezer...
by gupster
21 Nov 2018 18:17
Forum: 24. Trip Reports
Topic: Trip Report Kaokoland Part1
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Re: Trip Report Kaokoland Part1

Thanks Steve for sharing your trip. Its these adventures that get our feet itching to head out again and am looking forward to Part 2. If possible though, could you include a map of your route? Upopa has changed so much since my last visit. The only thing there was a kiosk where you could sometimes ...
by gupster
18 Nov 2018 16:31
Forum: 36. Vehicles For Sale/Swap
Topic: Patrols for Sale - Various sites
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Re: Patrols for Sale - Various sites

This looks like a good price. 2005 Patrol reduced to R120k. Its at Barrage Auto sales in Vereeniging
by gupster
12 Nov 2018 07:08
Forum: 23. Other Queries
Topic: Mellville and moon
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Re: Mellville and moon

Hi Wietsche. Perhaps contact Rick Melville at Its his name in that company and although I think he is no longer in partnership, he should be able to connect you with someone.
by gupster
09 Nov 2018 07:58
Forum: 14. Rims & Tyres
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My first tires were muddies, Coopers, but they started to feather and I was told that they often do when a lot of use is on tar. I dont know if this is true or not. My next tires were BF all terrain and I was extremely pleased with them and found them to be better in sand. Often the treads of the mu...
by gupster
19 Oct 2018 06:49
Forum: 15. Other Patrol Stuff
Topic: Air bag replacement
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Re: Air bag replacement

Its been great to get a solid consensus on my experience, so thank you all. The chap who operated the Consult was very young, but then at my age everybody looks young he he, so perhaps it was a finger problem or just inexperience. Next time I get that stock question, has it been chipped, I will know...

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