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by Sparkster
30 Oct 2009 11:32
Forum: 38. Vehicles Accessories For Sale/Swap
Topic: 2007 4.8 engine
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Re: 2007 4.8 engine

I'm also interested in what something like that would go for.

Are there any other parts available ie wheel hubs?
by Sparkster
14 Oct 2009 08:52
Forum: 10. Drivetrain
Topic: Wheel Hubs
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Re: Wheel Hubs

Hi Guys I'm new to this forum and really enjoying it, lots of useful information. Regarding wheel hubs My front wheel hubs were making a very load grating noise after reversing in 4x2, which would disappear after a couple of hundred meters with a load bang. I found a site explaining how to convert t...
by Sparkster
14 Oct 2009 08:40
Forum: 28. Introduce Yourself
Topic: Marc Wright (Sparkster)
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Marc Wright (Sparkster)

1. Name: Full Name Marc Wright (Sparkster) 2. Birthday and Age: 04 March 39years 3. Town and Country of residence: Klerksdorp North West SA 4. Home Language: English 5. Occupation/Business: Campers Outdoor Centre 6. Family status: Single 7. Membership - Other 4X4 Clubs and Forums: None 8. Current 4x...

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