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by NISMOnator
03 Apr 2013 16:29
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Re: IRONMAN 4X4 Snorkels


En hier is hy! :clap:
by ama-glug-glug
08 Apr 2013 21:01
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Re: Bridgestone 4x4 Club Challenge - 6 April 2013

Hallo almal,
Soos belowe... :gotpics: :gotpics:
Net soos ek gese het. Ek het my eie fotograaf saamgebring.
by David
02 Aug 2013 08:18
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Re: Reversing up an steep incline!!!

OK - here are the procedures as copied from the Electronic Service Manual... :thumbup: Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning DESCRIPTION “Accelerator Pedal Released Position Learning” is an operation to learn the fully released position of the accelerator pedal by monitoring the accelerator p...
by Tim
28 Aug 2013 13:07
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Re: Transfer Case Assembly Procedure

This is somewhat backwards forward, but as promised, here is a bit more. The purpose of this is to complete my experience of working on my GU 4.5 TX12A transfer case, and post as much as possible in an attempt to help others who may deal with the same or similar problems. There is a cost saving and ...
by Chris Skinner
06 Oct 2013 22:39
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Re: Headlight Booster Harness

Tinus - thanks for the prompt about OHM's law - its all about voltage drop at the actual point where wires connect to the globes. I am no expert but "Google is your friend" .... ! I suggest when engine running and lights on bright, measure your voltage at the battery, and also at the point where wir...
by Sias
20 Oct 2013 16:04
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Re: Subtank problem

My subtank probleem het weer opgeduik toe ek my tweede battery en yskas gepak het vir 'n trip Namibië toe. Die subtank "control unit" sit agter die lugversorger se kontrole knoppies. Jy moet basies die lugverkoeler kontroles afhaal, dan sit daar 'n wit boksie (ongeveer 10cmX10cm). Ek het die boksie ...
by JohnBoyZA
13 Mar 2014 12:31
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Re: 4.8GRX Tyre size

If you struggle to remember the formulas like me ... then you're welcome to use the attached. My only comment is that sometimes you might need to catch up to mates and you might end up driving these speeds, then don't opt for the higher profiles.
by Oellie
24 Jun 2014 08:34
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Re: Wheelbearings

@Marinus-all die nommers is reg op die bearings.

by Russ Kellermann
16 Oct 2014 22:22
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Re: SA spec 4.2td p/u engine

Hey Guys, Welcome to the forum. Thats a good question. To my knowledge the following is true: To clear things up i must first make clear that fortunately Nissan SA has had zero input into the TD42 variants of any kind, and certainly had nothing to do with the Turbo issued on our SA TD42ti motors as ...
by SJC
26 Jan 2015 11:33
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Re: Patrol Pickup 4.2D Tyres......advice?!

In the process of buying... busy sorting out the financing.
I'm taking the patrol pickup in krugersdorp.