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by jan.dup
02 Apr 2013 12:07
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I definitely don't like it - it's "a lelike ding daai" (Ugly) !!!

Will not ever be interested in owning something like that.
by Peter Connan
07 Jun 2013 14:18
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Re: Sticky Speedometer (VDO specialist needed)

Years ago, I used these guys: ... er=348,919

Obviously, I can't comment on their level of service now, as that was 15 years ago.
by Jorrie
08 Jul 2013 20:05
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Re: SANDWANI 06 July 2013

I have some nice short videos of various actions by Alex Roux, Theuhan, Thabbies, Tinus Lotz, Mark Greenhill, Ms Taljaard, etc. Will write them to DVD and will make them available on request. Still trying to work out how to post these videos. I made a point of thanking SANDWANI for the way they rece...
by Chris Skinner
22 Oct 2013 20:16
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Re: New Battery

Alex, I have done quite a lot of research on this, and for a second battery set-up I have gone with a lead-crystal - as Tinus suggests. Tests I have done have showed that this is a superior battery and far better than other deepcycle batts. Only problem is price - probably 50% more than other deepcy...
by Kagiso II
20 Jan 2014 10:14
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Re: GRX Second Spare Wheel & Increasing Fuel Capacity

Hi Barry I have been wanting to increase my fuel capacity, but have heard too many stories similar to yours. Not just the cracking of the tank, but I have also heard various accounts of the mountings of the tank that fatigue. With regard to the 60 L plastic tank on the roof, how do you transfer the...
by gupster
28 Jan 2014 18:31
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A few trips in Africa

This is just a brief recount of some of my trips since buying my Patrol in Belfast NI. In Nov 2010. I know its quite vague, but its main purpose is to outline a few routes I have done with a view to give members planning something similar, any help I can with my current experience. As all my camping...