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by Kagiso II
23 Oct 2013 19:26
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Re: New Battery

Stefan -- dis die jaangster rykman Grant wat dink iemand het oompie bedonnerd met die battery -- want ek het slegs 1200 vir hom betaal en hy skop 115 A H uit en hy het 2 jaar waarborg [MAAR die winkel beweer is dieselle fabriek as wat VARTA maak wat die een produseer. Gou gaan kyk -- die naam is ROY...
01 Nov 2013 08:30
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Re: CT Year End Get together?

Hi Stefan, count me in. Braai 2 Oceans sounds great.
by witblitz
07 Nov 2013 12:59
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Re: Overheating! what else?

Not sure if this will help but I had an overheating issue with the TB42 motor and I also replaced the fan, radiator cap, thermostat etc with no success. I have since cured the problem without opening the engine. The problem that I had was that the engine would not overheat during normal driving unti...
by G-MAN
08 Nov 2013 08:54
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Re: Limited slip front diff

Kak praat is lekker!
Had a 2011 GRX in the shop yesterday and guess what, no limited slip.
That sorts that out.
by Blitzpatrollie
07 Nov 2013 21:05
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Re: Oxygen Sensors, MAF sensor?

Hi guys, Okay I watched a vid today explaining how to test your O2 sensors, very easy, link is here: Anyway, after the %&$* bastards at Nissan Nelspruit told me my sensors were checked and are ok, I decided to check them myself as I was sure my patrol was o...
by ricster
10 Nov 2013 12:32
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Re: Bullbar & rear bumper for sale

Stefan.... Your bumper is on its way !!!

Well .....That's all folks..... all sold
by bogeyman
13 Nov 2013 16:44
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Re: MAF Sensor replaced

Teen R2k vir die sensor is dit R35/kw en R16/ NM .

Beter as n superchip! Bargain.....
by Daniel
26 Jul 2013 07:51
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Re: Mutter, mutter...dummy tail lights

I used second hand Subara tail light harnesses, filed slots in the holes I drilled in the back of the light cluster which enables the globe fittings to latch tightly and the rubber seals against water ingress. I also fitted 4 pin male/ female push on connectors enabling easy removal of the light clu...
by Sakkie+
20 Nov 2013 13:28
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LED Spotlights & Drift Action Cameras

Manup-Equip is suppliers of LED Vehicle Spotlights and LED Lightbars as well as HID Vehicle spotlights at affordable prices. We offer a one year replacement warranty, where we will give you a brand new light should you encounter any problems with your current unit, and further to that we will offer ...