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by hugejp
03 Jan 2018 08:20
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Re: Bonnet for my 2008 Partol

This is the same reason the side wheel-wel rubber flap/covers are so important as well as the radiator cowl...

They all add up to ensure correct air flow through the radiator.
by Michael
12 Feb 2018 06:13
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Re: Injector failure

Peter, I think a dodgy injector can actually make a glow plug fail.

About the 2 will make no difference whatsoever to dirty fuel. It only aids as a lubricant and not even sure how effective it is realky
by iandvl
14 Nov 2018 11:10
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Re: Brake pedal feel different on first brake application

Start bleeding at the furtherest point from the reservoir and work your way to the closest. That is the correct order. Much easier way to remember the bleeding order! I checked the manual, and it is as I outlined in my earlier post. 1: Load sensing valve (LSV). 2: Back left. 3: Back right. 4: Front...
by martyn
02 May 2019 08:30
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Re: Sand Ladders/Tracks/Trax

Have a read in the latest SA 4x4 magazine, they have a little article on the different types.