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by JohnBoyZA
09 Sep 2020 04:49
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Work Trol

Weather getting heavy, but still no rain - very dry in Tanz.
by Peter Connan
04 Jan 2021 16:33
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Re: winch size

The manufacturer's little guulty secret with regard to winches is this: The rating on a typical winch is given as how much weight in pounds a winch can drag across a concrete floor. Thus, an 8000lb winch can drag 8000lb of weight horisontally. 8000lb is 3571kg. The friction coefficient of the test s...
by Forest
19 Jan 2021 20:08
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Re: Who is doing what to their patrols ?

Good Evening Gents I trust the forum members are all well. Since my last post ive completed the duel battery setup and so far so good. I now still need to complete the "power board" where all the items requiring power can be plugged in, as I want the minimum amount of cables directly connected to th...