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by Herrie
21 Aug 2013 18:25
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Re: 16" rim dimensions

This is in the manual:
by petrol
27 Aug 2013 21:07
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Re: 1999's Alarm Remote Replacement

Independent car radio in Centurion are agents for the alarm type that the patrols came out with, there number is 012 663 5136 they should be able to supply you with new remotes
by Tim
28 Aug 2013 13:28
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Re: Transfer Case Assembly Procedure

Here is the handbrake assembly. I did not disconect the cable in the drum but rather where the cable attach to a L shape lever arm on the chassis, easy.
The location of the oil gutter, the orientation of the odometer gear with shims.
Just the mid section after the chain cover has been removed.
by Overdrive
04 Sep 2013 19:00
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Namib dune trip Aug 2013

We did one of these 6 day dune trips through the Namib from Aus to Walvis. This is just to give you a flavour of what you will do for your R7000 each. First thing its tyres down to 0.8 bar (hot). I thought that it was a bit soft so I tried it at 1 bar but I couldn't make it over some of the obstacle...
by jeanne.volschenk
14 Sep 2013 17:17
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Re: Plastic wheel arch trims - aaaargh!

O koek Ek sal Dawid moet waarsku dat julle kom, Ons het verlede naweek gou nog 'n trollie loop haal vra hom bietjie hoe daai 4,2tdi hom beindruk het.

Wurth verkoop al daai ou plastik knippie goeterjies.


Jeanne Volschenk akka JV
by Carel
16 Sep 2013 20:51
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Re: Photo competition 2013

Swambo was bietjie Weskus toe met die Patrol en het hierdie fotos geneem: My Patrol en haar fotos
by Alex Roux
16 Sep 2013 21:36
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Re: Photo competition 2013

Hiers myne