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24 Mar 2013 13:32
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4.5 GRX Loss of Power - Petrol Pump as Suspect?

Hi All, I'm a relative new Trol owner (98 4.5 GRX with approx 200k on the clock). The Trol is very nice but every now and then when accelerating it "sluks" and then pulls off slowly. When driving at speed over a hill, she also tends to loose speed significantly. I have done some research on the net ...
by Peter Connan
02 Jan 2017 18:39
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Re: Engine conversion on Patrol 4.5

Frans Fourie (Tour de Frans op hierdie forum).

Ek weet baie ouens is baie gelukkig met Vanderlinde, maar ek het by hulle nog net swak diens en teleurstellende verbeterings gehad.