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by offroadbiker
16 Jan 2017 09:54
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2017 Patrol Forum Calander

Good day Attached is the Social calendar for 2017 Patrol Forum as well as NOROC outings (indicated in red). Each event will also be scheduled as a separate topic under the events tab, where all the necessary arrangements as well as the list of attendees will be added and updated as and when required...
by XenoBlitz
16 Jul 2018 20:37
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Re: 13-15 July 2018: 3 Provinces / Provinsies

I have selected but a few choice photo's of the weekend. All I can say is... what a trip. Thank you for everyone who joined in. It was great to ride with you guys. DSC_6359.jpg DSC_6421.jpg DSC_6481.jpg DSC_6567.jpg DSC_6589.jpg DSC_6701.jpg DSC_6712.jpg DSC_6742.jpg DSC_6819.jpg DSC_7032.jpg