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by Alex Roux
06 Feb 2014 20:52
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Re: Introducing myself

Welcome, I have the same problem. Mine is a 2010 model I have heard its the bigger tires that cause it Just my :mytwocents: Whoever told you that is not worth listening to. Peter, I know the wobble is mostly not tyre related, but I have heard of large mud terrain tyres wearing off unevenly causing ...
by David
06 Feb 2014 12:30
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Re: Issues I've had so far...still happy camper tho

dieselfan wrote:... it was here I realised I had NO jack bar :doh: also NO recovery gear as it's a Patrol :redface: screwdriver and many many 1/4 turns....
Remember the extension is below the rear seat is not with the jack :thumbup: