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by Peter Connan
14 May 2013 17:24
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Pintle hooks

For those guys with Y61's that have ogled the pintle hooks on the Y60's, I think I have found a source: It looks like the RO231A05000 with 86mm x 45mm mounting (I am n ot sure if the Y61's holes are spaced like that, but I think they are). I have not phoned for a...
by Chris Skinner
30 May 2013 20:24
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Re: Dashboard Re-Covered and Tail Lights Done!

Hi Andries - absolutely no problems - looks as good as it did when they did the job. :thumbup:
03 Apr 2014 17:32
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Re: Climate control fan

Dankie dit was die "heat Fuse" hulle noem hom ook "Temperature resistor" en die "boksie" is 'n fan control amp. IMG-20140403-00064.jpg Dit is hoe hy lyk die "fan control amp" boksie hy sit agter paneelkassie as jy hom uithaal. IMG-20140403-00063.jpg IMG-20140403-00062.jpg Dan is dit die "Temperature...
by ChristoSlang
17 Apr 2014 18:13
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Re: Fender Flares

AndriesS wrote:I guess it should be 15mm, if it's 15cm you'll need seriously long screws:-)
Nope - 15cm, give or take a few mm!

Rob came to collect the Ala-plast stuff from me today - he'll use them as a template for his mold :thumbup:
by IanT
20 Nov 2014 10:34
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Door seals

Hi All I am busy rebuilding a luggage trailer and was looking for new seals. I have found a place in Florida (west rand not USA) called Fabric Link. They sell two types, the door type rubber seal (R47 per m) and the flat type (think it was a little cheaper) They also have a few types of edgings (one...
by Michael
05 May 2015 07:47
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Auto Hubs Service

Hi Gents So as I had some problems with my hubs a while back and went through the whole process of buying a second hand one I discovered that I replaced the wrong one. Not wanting to spend more money I decided to strip the actual "broken" one to see if it is fixable and discovered that it really onl...
by Herrie
15 Jun 2015 13:45
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Re: Roll angle vs fuel starvation

Die petrol pomp is meer in die regter kant van die tenk!

So as jy stop met die bestuurder se kant laer dan gaan jy nie weer hierdie probleem kry nie.
by ricster
27 Aug 2015 09:19
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Re: 6mm Wheel Spacers

Stefan, for you guys in the Cape we can make an eft plan, and we can make a plan with someone who might be going down your side to take them with. I don't think couriering them down will be a cost effective exercise. Will probably cost more than the spacers !! But fear not... I will make a plan!! Fo...
by pdasilva
03 Mar 2016 12:40
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Front brake pads for the Patrol from Star brake and clutch I paid R470.
by ra_01
08 Mar 2016 16:33
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Re: My new patrol 3.0 Gl and No Jump Seats !

AndriesS wrote:Did you get the headlight and bonnet protectors from Nissan?
Yes it's from Nissan..