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by Russ Kellermann
03 Sep 2012 15:06
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Wheel Bearings....Lets talk serious.

Hey chaps. Few questions here: 1) How often do you ACTUALLY repack bearing grease (Ps:i know what the manual says) 2) How often do you replace wheel bearing? 3) Have you truly trusted the Nissan Technician to do this correctly? 4) Dis the Nissan Technician execute this correctly? 5) Should i rather ...
by davidvdm
03 Apr 2013 14:24
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Re: Bridgestone 4x4 Club Challenge - 6 April 2013

Sorry Guys, been off for a day or three... Biker, great stuff man, and to all the other guys that have joined :blonde: .... Seems things went better I was not here :confused: ... Cedric, my forms went off to Kobus a few minutes ago, sorry, I forgot last week to send them after I did the deposit. If ...
by ama-glug-glug
08 Apr 2013 21:01
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Re: Bridgestone 4x4 Club Challenge - 6 April 2013

Hallo almal,
Soos belowe... :gotpics: :gotpics:
Net soos ek gese het. Ek het my eie fotograaf saamgebring.
by ChristoSlang
21 Jan 2014 22:45
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Re: fittings and seats

I have a set of rear jump seats (grey cloth) that I'm not using. A case of Tafel Lagers and they're yours!

PS: Maybe I should publish my roof console retrofit guide on the forum?
by gupster
28 Jan 2014 18:31
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A few trips in Africa

This is just a brief recount of some of my trips since buying my Patrol in Belfast NI. In Nov 2010. I know its quite vague, but its main purpose is to outline a few routes I have done with a view to give members planning something similar, any help I can with my current experience. As all my camping...
by firessafari
26 May 2014 15:05
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Re: Air conditioning service - with or without lubricant?

Your air-conditioning system is a closed system thus the oil does not escape from it; not like the gas that escapes through the rubber hoses, so you never need to add oil except if you got a broken hose, condenser or evaporator. I believe your system is charged with R134a gas so the oil is polyalkyl...
by erasmusdries
19 Jun 2014 17:32
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Re: 4.2 diesel fan belt sizes

Cedric I have a 2000 model 4.2D and it uses the following belts:
1.Power Steering oil pump: 11950-VB20A
2.Fan and altenator: 11720-0Y700
3.Aircon: 02117-95023

Hope it helps
by Ross
24 Jun 2014 09:24
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Re: 4.2 diesel fan belt sizes

Hi Cedric,

I have a full spare set in the back of my van....just pulled them out.

Not sure off hand which belt is which, but they are all Ram Gatorback brand, part numbers for my 1998 model are as follows:


Hope that helps!! :thumbup: