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by Peter Connan
13 Aug 2019 12:32
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Re: Me and bad habits!

Some feedback. The River Trip this last weekend was the first decent test, both on longer distances and off the road. Combined tar road consumption there and back was 7.65km/l wnd consumption for the off-road bit was 5km/l. For the first half my tires were too hard though (1.4 front and 1.6 rear) wh...
by Jorrie
08 Nov 2019 07:10
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Re: Club 23 invite we going to make smoke

Some pics. 20191107182009_IMG_6458.JPG 20191107183942_IMG_6478.JPG 20191107182826_IMG_6466.JPG 20191107201122_IMG_6501.JPG 20191107200933_IMG_6500.JPG 20191107184254_IMG_6483.JPG 20191107183051_IMG_6470.JPG 20191107194617_IMG_6492.JPG 20191107183906_IMG_6476.JPG 20191107184523_IMG_6485.JPG 201911071...