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by Iaan du Toit
15 Oct 2017 23:02
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Re: Blacksmith power hammer

Ja Michael, sometimes life gets in the way, things happen that we have no control over. I have not light up a forge since 2009. The situation is changing and I am setting up a small smithy shop again. Forging hot steel does something in me that I cannot describe in words. You start with a mental pic...
by fralanti
14 Oct 2017 20:18
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Re: 98 Patrol 4.2D

Tinus lotz wrote:
Grant wrote:Way to expensive
I sold it yesterday
I cried for 8 years (to the month) after I sold my previous one to Dustin. Let's hope this one will give me even more joy!
by ricster
19 Oct 2017 15:55
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Re: '98 GU 4.2 turbo diesel

All good my friend.... another one will soon park in your driveway !!!