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by iandvl
10 May 2018 09:15
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Re: Namakwa Eco Route

Jo Ian dit si een roete wat ek moet doen Mooi man sal leter net jou praat :goodpost: :bravo: Ek sal jou op hoogte hou as ek die ding op die skedule sit. Alex het versoek dat ons dit dalk in die skoolvakansies doen, so voorlopig, gaan ek kyk om te reel vir die Maart / April skool vakansie volgende j...
by jacquesW
22 May 2018 19:50
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4.8 Service

Hi All I have had the Patrol (2006 4.8) for a couple of months now and I it's time for a service. Not according to the book but for my peace of mind. I have gone through the reference library and put together what I could. If someone could just confirm and recommend on below in regards to the parts ...
by AndriesS
29 Nov 2018 08:38
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Re: Shocked

if you buy from Diesel Electric then they can pump it to a higher stiffness and within reason if you show you bought it they from them(i.e. invoice) will generally re-pump at a minimum charge (if it is still working and not completely stuffed) I had mine repumped after 4 years fro R40 .