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by Overdrive
20 Oct 2013 17:49
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Stafan Thanks if I could find it I would have clicked it to thank you. But I cant find it.................

This is all I can see. Am I missing it?
post page.jpg
by Russ Kellermann
27 Oct 2013 21:20
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Check Your Banjo boys.... trust me... pics added

No,...not the "you got a perty mouth" kinda banjo..... im talking banjo filters.. For a long while now ive been concerned that my patrol seemed to have slowly but surely less powerful than when i purchased the vehicle, and used the slihgjtest bit more fuel,.... problem is that i didnt have the figur...
by Blitzpatrollie
07 Nov 2013 21:05
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Re: Oxygen Sensors, MAF sensor?

Hi guys, Okay I watched a vid today explaining how to test your O2 sensors, very easy, link is here: Anyway, after the %&$* bastards at Nissan Nelspruit told me my sensors were checked and are ok, I decided to check them myself as I was sure my patrol was o...
by JohnBoyZA
14 Nov 2013 10:27
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Re: Hi Patrol fanatics.

Hallo Dirk,

baie welkom! :thumbup:

Ps. Dirk hit edit above your first post and then supply a few details. Tnx
26 Nov 2013 21:00
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Re: Fuel Pump Replacement

Tip: Before replacing the fuel pump, replace the fuel filter first. I did it the other way round just to find the filter was the biggest culprit... See Lesson regarding pump vs filter replacement The "VW" 4 bar replacement I used didn't have plugs, but did have another type of connection - ie lugs w...
by jwilkinson
28 Nov 2013 09:24
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Re: Water tank Opinion

Yes Marino's shape is the one I have. We have a little one in the car so unfortunately I cannot sacrifice both back seats which alternatively would have been great. Only sacrificing one does help but creates awkward packing arrangement in remainder of space. I like the idea of the on roof solution a...
by Stefaansie
03 Dec 2013 08:56
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Re: Photo competition 2013


Methinks the Uncle is going to win with the sunset in the dunes photo....
by Fred79
02 Feb 2014 18:52
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Re: I am back!

Ek het gou gister die agter vensters ge-tint, maar hell jy moet darem geduld hê. DIt lyk nou nie heeltemal so dit sal lyk as hy uit die fabriek kom nie maar het darem so paar pitte gespaar :mytwocents:

by G-MAN
06 Feb 2014 00:25
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Re: Manifold Wrap

Go to your nearest Powerflow exhaust shop they will help you with Exhaust wrap(asbestos wrap/tape) gets used on the branches to prolong life and keep temps down.
by Wheels
10 Feb 2014 13:21
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Re: Airbag lig flash

To reset airbag light.

This works as I have tested it on a friends Patrol 4.8