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by ricster
28 Nov 2012 16:08
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Re: Crown Wheel and Pinion Replacement Options??

Hmmm ... you can also try ( read page .... 2nd post in particular).... He is in Swaziland but maybe a plan can be made if its the right diff, and price


His no is 00268 76028079
by JohnBoyZA
15 Jul 2013 17:34
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Re: Trailers: Questions

Hi Ross, thanx for your PM. I post here for the benefit of the group. I sold the XT120 again, but not after also taking it on a trip to Moz. When I sold it, the rubber suspension had started twisting out, which was a concern. Fortunately it was replaced under warranty. Overall, not a bad trailer, ma...
by Russ Kellermann
19 Aug 2013 09:53
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Re: Transfer Case Assembly Procedure

I had my TC chain replaced under nissan warranty as i had/have the 4.2 rumbles (common particularly with Nissan Heavy duty clutch install).Nissan said they believed the chain to be stretched, so they replaced the chain and the noise was slightly less for a few days then back to normal. Turns out its...
by Tim
20 Aug 2013 10:06
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TC Drive chain

Hallo gents and to all those with interest in the Transfer case issue. First of all I must say I'm not a gearbox/TC expert myself but with a little CDF you will understand the basic mechanics of the Tc quite easily. To start of I basically had two problems. 1 was a tack tack noise that varied with s...